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Is your poor Money Mindset influencing your business?

Self belief equals success

Do you want your business to be more successful?

Have you taken lots of courses to help take your business to the next level? That haven’t worked.

Are you working harder and harder? But not getting the results you want.

Do you ever wonder whether it is you and maybe you shouldn’t be self-employed?

Well I may just have something that will help or rather someone.

Firstly the main thing stopping you and your business from being more successful, is you!  It is all about what you believe you deserve?  To be more successful and get the results you want, you need to change what you believe.

Start being conscious of the things you say to yourself, especially when things don’t go as you want them too.

Do any of these beliefs sound familiar?

  • I have to work hard to earn money
  • I don’t deserve to earn lots of money because I am not clever enough (insert whatever not good enough phrase is your favourite)
  • My product isn’t good enough, no-one will want to buy it
  • I don’t have a big email list so no one will buy my new offering
  • Who do I think I am running my own business, I should get a proper job like everyone else
  • I don’t deserve to earn money doing what I love, no one else I know does
  • You may have other limiting beliefs that are stopping you from being successful

Changing core beliefs is as easy or hard as you believe it to be, however having a map to follow by someone who has changed their own beliefs about money and what they deserve, who has helped lots of women to change their beliefs, could be just what you need.  Therefore I would like to introduce you to the awesome Denise Duffield Thomas author of Get Rich, Lucky Bitch and creator of the Lucky Bitch Bootcamp.

I joined the Lucky Bitch Bootcamp in July 2014.  I dipped in and out for a while and didn’t take any action.  Hint: You need to take action to get results!  Denise is good but she can’t do the work for you, you have to take action to change.  I still have a long way to go at getting rid of my limiting beliefs, but her is what I have got from the Lucky Bitch Bootcamp so far:

  • Inspiration and support from Denise and the other Lucky Bitches in the Bootcamp Private Facebook group
  • A cheque for £300 from an unexpected source that I wouldn’t have gone for before doing the Bootcamp
  • I have increased my prices and am working with more clients
  • Successfully launched my first e-course 30 Days to Twitter Success
  • Working on my limiting beliefs about money, I think this will be on going for a good while yet
  • I am more confident
  • I am more aware of the need to put time and effort into to keeping my energy positive
  • I am more self aware of negative self talk and nip it in the bud before it escalates
  • I am getting better at doing my accounts quarterly, rather than all at the end of the year

Recently Denise has re-opened the re-vamped Lucky Bitch Bootcamp, so if you need help with your money mindset then join the Lucky Bitch Bootcamp today!

TAKE ACTION NOW – Join the Lucky Bitch Bootcamp now! 

The new re-vamped Lucky Bitch Bootcamp costs $1497 or if you are working in pounds around £1050 depending on the exchange rate.  With it being just after Christmas you might not have that amount of spare money, however you can join the Lucky Bitch Bootcamp today and pay $175 or £123 in 10 monthly installments, which means you can start working on your money blocks and generating the extra income.  Take Action now as the opportunity to pay in 10 monthly installments is only available until the 28th January 2016.

Also if you join the Lucky Bitch Bootcamp using my affiliate link above, let me know, as I would like to thank you with a complementary 30 minute Social Media Strategy session.

If you don’t feel ready to jump straight into the bootcamp then Denise has some great free resources to get you started.

Free Money Blocks Audio – find out the 7 money blocks that are keeping you from earning what you are worth.  This was one of the first of Denise’s freebies that I listened to and it as some great information in it.

Not sure how to work out what to charge then check out Denise’s free pricing workshop

Here is a video with Denise talking about How to Create a Million Dollar Course

The link above to the Bootcamp sign up page is my affiliate link, so if you sign up I will receive a thank you payment.


30 days to Twitter Success


Is 30 days to Twitter Success right for you

  • You haven’t been on Twitter for long or haven’t even got an account then this course is ideal for you
  • You set up a Twitter account ages ago and haven’t really got to grips with how it works, the last time you logged on it had all changed so you logged out again
  • You have been on Twitter for a while, you have a couple of hundred followers and are following 1,000 accounts, you want to find out how to get people to follow you and how to get people retweeting what you tweet.
  • You have an account but don’t go in to Twitter, as your Facebook or Instagram account are linked to it and send updates to Twitter automatically
  • You are think about employing someone to manage Social Media for your business, find out how frequently they should post for you, the sort of content to share and to gauge whether Twitter is working well for your business

Still not sure that 30 days to Twitter Success is for you read on to find out what you will be learning about on the course

What you will learn on 30 days to Twitter Success

Week 1 – The Basics

  • Why completing your profile is important
  • The basic layout of Twitter – Home & Notifications
  • What is a tweet & How to Tweet
  • What to tweet & How to use
  • Replying to Tweets & retweeting


Week 2 – Building an engaged following

  • Who to follow & why
  • Follower/Following ratio
  • Numbers or engaged following
  • Using Lists
  • Using Hashtags
  • Search on Twitter

Week 3 – Rules of Engagement

  • How to engage successfully
  • Networking hours
  • Retweeting
  • Frequency of Tweeting
  • Direct Messages
  • Trending Topics

Week 4 – Advanced Techniques

  • Advanced Search
  • Twitter Analytics
  • Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, Buffer, Social Omph comparison
  • Scheduling Tweets
  • Creating and using images on Twitter
  • Useful Apps
  • Linking Social Media platforms

There is space in the course to add topics that people on the course want to cover or to spend extra time on a certain topic.


All this for only £50 less than £2 per day



Online and in person Networking in Lincolnshire with Lincs Connect

Networking with Lincs Connect


When you are starting out on Twitter it is sometimes difficult to get going with it, especially if you aren’t getting anyone retweeting your tweets or chatting with you.  Finding a local Twitter networking group with other local businesses and people to tweet with is very useful.  Networking hours are good but can sometimes be full of self promoting automated tweets rather than people chatting and retweeting.  Also it maybe difficult to attend if the hour clashes with other commitments, so using a hashtag such as #LincsConnect, which is 24/7 is a great alternative.

Lincs Connect started out on Twitter and the idea is to follow @LincsConnect then use #LincsConnect in your tweets and some people will retweet your tweets.  If you retweet other peoples tweets with #LincsConnect in then you are more likely to get retweets and people are more likely to chat with you.  Below you can see that these tweets have been retweeted.

LincsConnect-TweetsLincs Connect has now expanded and has a monthly networking meeting at the Petwood Hotel, Woodhall Spa, usually on the first Friday of the month from 5.30pm.  However this month it is on the 11th of July at The Petwood 5.30pm onwards.  It is a really friendly group and helps you get to know the people behind the Twitter names and build relationships with those people.  It is also good fun and we have a laugh.

There is a great mix of people that attend and support Lincs Connect from small businesses like myself, to volunteers from various Lincolnshire charities, crafters and bloggers.  Some people have lots of followers on Twitter and some are fairly new to Twitter.  So here is a bit more about some of the great tweeters that attend:


Mandarin Leisure


@MANDARINLEISURE Martin knows a lot of people and is a great supporter of Lincs Connect regularly attending the meetings and retweeting people’s tweets.


Maple Tree Cottage Southrey





The lovely Ann @SouthreyCottage is a keen gardener and tweets about what is going on around Lincoln.



Lives HQ



@LivesHQ regularly attends the Lincs Connect meetings if he isn’t busy around the county saving lives.





@AggieMoore is a very busy lady also tweeting for @WoodhallSpaShow, a keen photographer and baker of yummy cakes, regular #LincsConnect & #clubhectare tweeter





@themanorhousebb Christ is a generous and positive retweeter, great supporter of farming and Lincolnshire #clubhectare #LincsConnect & #LincsHour



Other lovely people you might meet at a Lincs Connect meeting are:

  • @RuralPics – James a rural farming and agricultural photographer
  • @suddenadultdeat – Teresa a dedicated volunteer and mum raising money and awareness about Sudden Adult Death
  • @WoodhallSpa1 – Country Girl Katie lovely local with her finger on the pulse of what is happening in Woodhall Spa
  • @GaryBosworth – Horse behaviour expert
  • @SamCollins100 – lovely lady who makes fantastic vintage button necklaces
  • @thelocalprinter – Woodhall Printer Michael can help you with your business stationary and much more
  • @pmountainmbe – Pauline a lady who is passionate about helping Lincolnshire carers
  • @GinzandTonic – Gini a poet blogging on WordPress for a year or more?
  • @CVleaflets – Leaflet distributer based in Lincoln covering the whole of the East Midlands
  • @Sunshinecoach – Wendy Tomlinson who can help you live the life you want

There are lots of other lovely people that attend and you don’t have to be on Twitter to come along and network.  So why not join in the conversation at #LincsConnect on Twitter and pop along to The Petwood Hotel, Woodhall Spa on Friday 11th July 5.30pm, for a drink and a chat.  Lincs Connect putting the Social into Social Media.

Monday Motivation – Working with an expert

Work with a Social Media trainer

Work with a Social Media trainer

Social Media is relatively easy to use, most people have used Facebook for quite a while before starting a business so why do you need to find a good Social Media Trainer?  Because there are lots of Facebook business pages with very few likes and very little interaction.  Yes you could buy some likes but that is a waste of your money, far better to invest the money in learning how to use Social Media successfully yourself.  Lots of people say they are too busy to do their own Social Media but you don’t have to spend hours on Social Media if you learn how to use it efficiently and effectively.

Successful Social Media isn’t about the number of likes it is about the level of interaction you get from your followers and that depends on you being consistent and sharing quality, relevant and useful information with your followers, but to do this you need to know the basics of how to use the different Social Media sites.   Yes you can spend a lot of time reading blog posts about Social Media and trialing what works but the problem is there is a lot of information out there and not all of it is of high quality.

So save yourself some time and money by finding a Social Media trainer and work with them to make your business a success on Social Media.

If you would like to find out more about working with me get in touch, either using the contact form or give me a ring for a quick chat.  Let me know what Social Media platform you would like help with in the comments below.

Happy New Year – What do you want to achieve in 2014

Fireworks New Year 2014I am sat in my new office on New Years Day and I can hear the rain lashing down and the wind blowing outside.  The other day Helen Lindop shared her 2 words for her business in 2014, which were Foundation and Prosperity and asked what our 2 words were going to be for our business in 2014, check out Facebook page to find out what other people put.  So this got me thinking what would my 2 words be and I couldn’t think of just 2 so here are my words.

  1. Action – start taking action rather than just coming up with ideas
  2. Imperfection – overcome my huge perfection issues and just start taking action and don’t worry whether my new products are perfect, just get them out there
  3. Failure – Be okay with failure, I am not good with failure which my perfection issues tend to protect me from.  But this year I will learn how to be ok with failing.
  4. Authentic – Sometimes you get so caught up in how you think people in business should be that you forget to be yourself, which then means you don’t end up working with the right people.  So this year if you meet me in person or follow me on Twitter I might seem different to what you are used to, however this is the real me.  I will be shining my own unique light on people that want to work with me.
  5. Creative – this links in with number 4 and just because other more established businesses do things a certain way, it doesn’t mean that is the right way for you.  I am going to get creative in both my business and home life, which will hopefully lead to lots more number 6.
  6. Fun – I think when we reach a certain age or circumstances, we sometimes forget how important it is to have fun on a daily basis.  For me this was sort of when I became a mum, a combination of lack of sleep, the responsibility for 2 young children and all the extra stuff that comes along with having a child with Autism and then becoming a single mum and running my own businesses, I sort of got very serious.  Yes I would still have fun when I took the kids out to the beach or wherever but on a day to day basis I didn’t have much fun.  However that is going to change I am going to make sure I have a daily dose of fun, to lighten up my days, especially grey, wet and windy days like today.

This year I am going to take more action, be ok with imperfection and failure, get more creative and have more fun, so that the authentic Jackie Elton can come out from hiding and have fun helping lots of people to run successful brilliant businesses by singing from the rooftops of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google + and LinkedIn about their awesome unique businesses.

I was also going to try and do shorter blog posts, ha ha, will have to practise that one.

Happy New Year and may 2014 be your best year yet full of everything you can dream of.

What do you want to acheive in 2014?  What words will describe your year in business? Please leave a comment below.

The firework photo can be found on stock.xchng and is by Green Bay.

Why can’t I follow any more Twitter Accounts when I am following 2001 accounts

Twitter Followers/Following

How to prevent an uneven ratio of Following to Followers on Twitter

When you are starting out on Twitter, following 2001 other accounts on Twitter, seems something you don’t need to think about, however if you try to keep your folllowing/follower ratio roughly 1:1 it will save you time later on.  Here are the magic numbers that Twitter has set to stop spammers, once you are following 2001 people on Twitter you won’t be able to follow anyone else until you have 1819 followers and then after that you can only follow 10% more people than are following you.

For example if you have 2,000 followers you will be able to follow upto 2,200 people.

Here is what Twitter says about following limits

How can you keep a ratio of 1:1

  • Firstly make sure your profile is up to date with a picture and good bio describing you and what you tweet about, this will help people to see you as a real person/business not a spammer, so more people are likely to follow you back.
  • Start by following people you already know and who know you
  • Follow and engage with people on networking hours, such as #Lincshour or #Womeninbiz, by following and engaging with people that are active on Twitter you will quickly build a friendly network of followers that will engage with you and may retweet your tweets.
  • Being seen to be actively involved in conversations on Twitter will also help you to be seen by others and show you as someone that is friendly and approachable rather than someone who is only their to promote themselves.
  • Follow people who are interested in similiar things to you.

When starting out on Twitter alot of people get involved in follow back events, I’ll follow you in the hope you will follow me.  This is okay if all you care about are the number of followers you have, however it doesn’t build a network of interested and engaged followers.

In 2014 I will be launching my Social Media Online Training course, which will train people to use Twitter & Pinterest to grow their business by building a community of engaged followers that love what you do and share it with their community.  Sign up to my email newsletter to find out more and be able to join at a incredible price only available to my newsletter subscribers.

If you have found this useful please share it with your community.

Being Happy Helps you to run a Successful Business and Earn More

Purple Stone Don't Worry Be Happy This post isn’t my usual post about business or social media, however being calm, happy, relaxed and feeling full of energy is essential for running a successful business, especially if you are also a mum like me.

At present I am reading Why Kindness is Good for You by David R. Hamilton PhD and in the first chapter it mentions a study that looked at how happy people were, and how this related to their earnings in later life, the study found that those people that were happiest earned significantly more money in later life than the less happy individuals.

“Plenty of studies have shown that happiness leads not only to a higher income but also to more energy, better health, a longer lifespan, a more satisfying social life, more confidence, and a higher quality of work.  Most people believe that these things are what make us happy, but most of the evidence suggests that it’s the other way around.  When we feel happy, these things come to us much more easily.  Happiness, studies show, comes first.” Quote from Why Kindness is Good for You by David R Hamilton PhD

So if you want to make more money and run a successful business, you need to work at being happier, here is where The Happiness Garden can help.  Helping you find ways to relax, stop worrying and calm down.  Helping you over come the guilt that for women is often associated with doing the things we love to do and make us happy, opposed to the things we feel we should do to make others happy.  Also for many men they feel the need to work long hours to provide money for the family, but maybe they need to look at how putting time into things that make them happy could help them earn more money and be healthier too.

The Happiness Garden is a virtual retreat membership website, which contains 10 minute meditations to help you calm down and de-stress and other great resources like The Weight Loss Secret.  Heather Bestel is the life coach behind The Happiness Garden and wants to help people live the life they want to be living.  I have worked one to one with Heather and she is so positive and full of energy.  To get access to all the lovely goodies in the Happiness Garden, it is only $47 (about £30) for a years membership and if you join now it remains that price every year.  Heather is adding new content every month so this is an absolute bargain, for something that has the potential to change your life and your business.  Membership would also make a great present for someone you love.

So why not come and join me in The Happiness Garden and start working towards being a calmer, happier and more successful you, today.
The Happiness Garden

This post contains affiliates links to the Happiness Garden membership website.