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Top 3 tips for getting more views on YouTube videos

3 top tips for getting more YouTube views

Top 3 tips for getting more views on YouTube videos

I see many people spending their precious time creating great video content with valuable and useful information in but they are only getting a handful of views on YouTube.  This is usually due to them not understanding how YouTube works.

YouTube is the second largest search engine and it is owned by the biggest search engine, Google.  Google generates income from the adverts shown on YouTube, this means Google will prioritise YouTube videos over other video content.  However, Google search bots can only read words, they cannot read pictures or audio on video, what they do read is the words in titles and descriptions.

Top tip 1 is make sure you give your videos descriptive titles

Uploading a video without a good descriptive title will mean the people looking for a video that covers what you are talking about won’t find you easily and will find a competitor that has described their video well, and the chances are your video has the better content but it won’t get watched.

An example of a bad title Social Media Lincs Twitter Training Video 1, a better title would be How to tweet – Twitter Tutorial 2015, with the second video people know what they are going to get and it has longtail keywords in that people are likely to be searching for.  In this example I am also wanting to reach new people that don’t already know about my business, therefore there is no point putting the name of my business in the title.

Top tip 2 make your videos short and concise

In today’s fast paced world most people want to get the information they want quickly and they don’t want to wait for 2 minutes of waffle to get to the juicy information.  Therefore at the start of your video tell your audience what they will get, then go into the information, try to keep your videos between 3 -5 minutes long and finish with a call to action. For example subscribe to my channel or click the link in the description below to get my new freebie.

Another reason to keep videos short is that YouTube rank videos on the amount of the video that people watch, most people can give up 3 to 5 minutes of their time to learn what they want to know, so the more people that watch your video to the end the higher it will rank in search.

Top tip 3 share your videos on Social Media

Once you have created your video share it on social media and ask people to share it if they like it.  If you have a blog embed the video in a blog post, pin it on to one of your boards if you are on Pinterest and tweet about it.  Sharing the link on your Facebook page is a good idea but might not get you as many click throughs, as Facebook prefer to show people Facebook Live videos or native video (video that is uploaded directly to Facebook).

Try tips 1 and 3 on your existing YouTube videos and all 3 tips on any new videos you create and see the number of views increase.

There is a lot more that you can do to increase the visibility of your YouTube videos, which I haven’t covered here and YouTube doesn’t have the most obvious navigation for finding how to do things, so if you would like an expert to help you then please do get in touch for one to one training with me.

Being Happy Helps you to run a Successful Business and Earn More

Purple Stone Don't Worry Be Happy This post isn’t my usual post about business or social media, however being calm, happy, relaxed and feeling full of energy is essential for running a successful business, especially if you are also a mum like me.

At present I am reading Why Kindness is Good for You by David R. Hamilton PhD and in the first chapter it mentions a study that looked at how happy people were, and how this related to their earnings in later life, the study found that those people that were happiest earned significantly more money in later life than the less happy individuals.

“Plenty of studies have shown that happiness leads not only to a higher income but also to more energy, better health, a longer lifespan, a more satisfying social life, more confidence, and a higher quality of work.  Most people believe that these things are what make us happy, but most of the evidence suggests that it’s the other way around.  When we feel happy, these things come to us much more easily.  Happiness, studies show, comes first.” Quote from Why Kindness is Good for You by David R Hamilton PhD

So if you want to make more money and run a successful business, you need to work at being happier, here is where The Happiness Garden can help.  Helping you find ways to relax, stop worrying and calm down.  Helping you over come the guilt that for women is often associated with doing the things we love to do and make us happy, opposed to the things we feel we should do to make others happy.  Also for many men they feel the need to work long hours to provide money for the family, but maybe they need to look at how putting time into things that make them happy could help them earn more money and be healthier too.

The Happiness Garden is a virtual retreat membership website, which contains 10 minute meditations to help you calm down and de-stress and other great resources like The Weight Loss Secret.  Heather Bestel is the life coach behind The Happiness Garden and wants to help people live the life they want to be living.  I have worked one to one with Heather and she is so positive and full of energy.  To get access to all the lovely goodies in the Happiness Garden, it is only $47 (about £30) for a years membership and if you join now it remains that price every year.  Heather is adding new content every month so this is an absolute bargain, for something that has the potential to change your life and your business.  Membership would also make a great present for someone you love.

So why not come and join me in The Happiness Garden and start working towards being a calmer, happier and more successful you, today.
The Happiness Garden

This post contains affiliates links to the Happiness Garden membership website.

Easter Social Media Offer

As my way of saying Happy Easter to 10 lovely people I am offering a never to be repeated special Easter Social Media Offer.

1hr of Social Media advice from me for just £10

That is way better than half price as I usually charge £25 per hour when working 1 to 1 with someone.  So for £10 you get me for an hour discussing whatever you want about social media via a landline number or Skype.  So if you are great on Facebook but want to learn more about Twitter then that is what we can talk about.  However, if you are doing brilliantly on Facebook and Twitter but want to know about Google + or Pinterest then we can talk about that instead.

So how can you be one of the lovely 10 people that work with me for just £10?

Firstly sign up for my newsletter using the box at the top of this page, then send me an email at with your twitter id, facebook page link, what you would like to talk about and some times that would be good for the call. Then I will email you with details of how to pay and when I will call you, if you are one of the lucky 10 people.

To be eligible for this offer you need to either follow me on twitter @GreenAspirations or have liked my Business Mums Lincs page on facebook.

So sign up for my newsletter now to get an hours Social Media advice for just £10. I can’t wait to get to know you and work with you to make your social media shine!

Offer ends 9pm on Easter Monday.


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Become a Mumpreneur Course – What it is all about?

About a year ago I started out on the Become a Mumpreneur Course run by Antonia Chitty and Erica Douglas. At that point I was running my business Green Aspirations selling environmental and ethical gifts via my online store and stalls at craft and gift events. The course has given me the boost I needed to take my business to the next level. I have made some fantastic business contacts and met some lovely business mums because of the course.

Here is a summary of what I have achieved in the last year.

  • February I set up and started blogging at my Green and Natural Living Blog with the help of the fantastic Tame Techy, who was also on the BAM course with me.
  • March I started out on Twitter @GreenAspiration and am really enjoying tweeting. I now have 680 followers. Thanks to all the BAM ladies that helped me out in my early tweeting days, when I was asking them lots of questions.
  • In the summer I did my first video blog, a tour around my small holding.
  • September I set up Business Mums Lincs to provide networking opportunities for mums in business in Lincolnshire and set up my second blog to go with it.
  • October I went to Nottingham to attend the excellent Business Mums Unite Conference, where I meet loads of lovely mums in business and listened to some inspirational speakers. All thanks to the wonderful Kizzy Bass another brilliant business mum from the BAM course.
  • November I ran my first Business Mums Lincs Social Media Workshop, which was lots of fun and a steep learning curve for me.
  • November and December were busy for me with Christmas craft fayres and sales from the Green Aspirations online shop
One of the best parts of the BAM course was the online friendships and support network that I have built with other business mums, who are juggling running a business and looking after their families.
Some of the amazing BAM women include Carol Smith who lives in Lincolnshire not too far away from me. She is a fabulous blogger and an inspiration to me, may be a blog of mine might be as successful as one of Carol’s some day.
Mandy Taylor or the Tame Techy, as she might prefer to be called, helped me so much in setting up my first blog and was so patient with me in the early days of my journey into blogging. I would not be writing this blog post if not for her. Mandy is one of the very successful BAM mums, I haven’t met her in person but maybe in 2012 we might manage a BAM meet up.
Kizzy Bass is another of the BAM ladies who I have managed to meet up with for a coffee and a chat, she is lovely, very supportive of business mums and has done a great press release for me.
So if you want to experience the BAM effect on your business then you have a chance to join the course until Friday 3rd February. Join the Become a Mumpreneur Course today. If you join please say that you found out about the course from me, Jackie Elton, as I will get a small reward for anyone joining. Thank you. I look forward to chatting with you on the BAM members website soon.


Are you proud to be a Mumpreneur?

Do you like or hate the term mumpreneur? Do you call yourself a mumpreneur, a business mum, a work at home mum or a business woman? Or do prefer a self employed person?

For as long as I have been aware of the term mumpreneur, I have been aware that some people love the term and some people don’t. A while ago (back in October) I read an article by Rebecca Jones, a successful business woman (and also a mum), about “Is the term ‘mumpreneur’ doing business women a disservice?” Now it also happens that the same week before I read the article, I had the pleasure of hearing Rebecca speak at the Business Mums Unite Conference in Nottingham, and also to chat to her during the day. If I had not been to the Conference I would most probably thought that Rebecca was one of those women who delight in having a dig at other business mums. However she is not and I can see where she is coming from, but I still think mumpreneur is a useful term.

I was a business woman once before children, I was a recycling officer for a local Council and also a self employed massage therapist. Being a business woman meant I was able to attend breakfast meetings and overnight conferences, without a second thought. While I was at work I gave 110% of myself and sometimes when I wasn’t at work. But when I had my first children back in 2003 I knew I couldn’t give that 110% even on a part time basis, because I wanted to be there for my child and if my child was poorly and I left him with my mum I would spend the whole day at work worrying about him. So from 2003 to 2009 I had time as a stay at home mum, worked part time from home for a County Council and worked part time as a teaching assistant.

In April 2009 I started Green Aspirations on a part time basis, while still being a teaching assistant. After missing assemblies and sports days I realised that being a teaching assistant wasn’t the perfect solution to flexible working I needed as a single mum. Then in Christmas 09 my temporary contract as a teaching assistant was not renewed so I started to put more hours into Green Aspirations.

Then January 2011 I joined the BAM (Become a mumpreneur) course, I had my existing business Green Aspirations but I wanted to take it to the next level. Since January 2011 I have set up 2 blogs this one and my Green and Natural Living Blog I have started out on Twitter, met lots of wonderful Mumpreneurs, been inspired, set up Business Mums Lincs to help support and motivate mums in business in Lincolnshire and promoted Green Aspirations, which has definitely moved to the next level.

So am I a WAHM (work at home Mum), a business mum, a business woman or a mumpreneur or an eco-preneur? It doesn’t matter what terminology you use to describe me or yourself, because I am out there living my dream, being an inspiration to other mums, working hard for my family, but equally I am able to see every Christmas play and carol concert, sports day, assembly and end of term play.

  • Yes it is a very fine balancing act, that I sometimes don’t get balanced quite right
  • Yes I put in more hours than if I was employed by someone else.
  • No it is not easy and sometimes I wonder why I do it.
  • Yes it is hard work most of the time.
  • Yes I do miss the support of working with other people
But I love what I do and I am proud to call myself a Mumpreneur. Here is something to remind us how brilliant we all are, no matter what you call yourself and yes I do realise it isn’t Mothers Day. If you want to network with Mums in Business online check out the new Shenovate website.