MOTIVATION that’s what you need!

Motivating yourself when you are a self employed, work from home mum can be a challenge, after all what’s the worse the boss will do? The boss understands that you have all the housework, shopping and kids stuff to do as well as work, so they go easy on you and anyway you have spent the last hour on Twitter and Facebook doing your all important Social Media, haven’t you?

So what motivates me to continue running my online business selling eco-friendly and ethical gifts, writing posts for my blog about my sustainable eco-lifestyle here in Lincolnshire and has me setting up this new blog for Local Networking for Business Mums in Lincolnshire.  Is it wanting to be a successful mumpreneur? Is it wanting to earn money for mine and my childrens future? Well sort of, but my main motivation and driving force is wanting to help people and make a difference. I am not sure when I started wanting to make a difference but for as long as I can remember, I have wanted to make a difference and this has influenced most of my careers.

I like people, I think they are wonderful and I enjoy helping different people, so I am in the process of setting up Business Mums Lincs to help mums with networking opportunities here in Lincolnshire and pass on some of the information I have found useful in the last 2 years of running my business.  Recently I had a long phone conversation with a lovely local Lincolnshire mum, who wanted a stall at the Pamper Evening I was organising for my local pre-school, I ended up giving her lots of advice about Twitter and Facebook. Later that day she posted about the wonderful day she had had and that it was all started off by the conversation she had with me. To have had such an effect on someones day was really lovely and made me very happy. Hopefully I will help more Buiness Mums in Lincolnshire to have positive days like that.

Both Green Aspirations and the Green and Natural Living Blog were set up because I wanted to help people see how easy it is to make a positive difference to the planet by what they choose to buy and show people how being green can be better for them too.

My 2 motivational forces that keep me working as a self employed mum working from home, rather than working for a local council, are of course my 2 gorgeous children and wanting to make a difference for them by being able to be there at school assemblies, pick them up from school and to be there for them if they are sick.

This is an entry into the blogging competition

Business Mums Lincs organises Local Networking events for Business Mums in Lincolnshire and delivers social media training.

4 Comments on “MOTIVATION that’s what you need!

  1. Lovely post – very inspirational. It is such a lovely feeling being in a position where you are able to help others and is wonderfully motivating!

    Good luck with the competition x

    • Hi Victoria. Thank you. I have read some of the other entries in the competition, I don’t expect to win. But lots of lovely people are having a look at my new blog so that is brilliant.

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