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Social Media can sometimes appear confusing, especially when other businesses are talking about and using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube or Instagram.  However investing money and time into having some training on Social Media can save you more money and time in the long term.  It will also mean you get better results faster.  So let me, help you understand which Social Media platforms would be best for promoting your business, then help you to use those platforms efficiently and effectively.  I offer various packages depending on you and your business’s requirements.

Social Media Coaching Packages

1 to 1 Social Media Coaching

2 hour Social Media strategy session £97

This 2 hour session is completely bespoke to you and your business and offers a taster of how I work.  We will look at where you are now with your social media strategy, which sites you are on, which sites are working for you and which aren’t working so well.

I will ask you some questions about who your ideal client is and what your business model is and what you are hoping to achieve with your social media.

We will discuss how you prefer to communicate with your ideal client and the content that your ideal client will engage with.

By the end of the session you will have identified which social media site to focus your time and energy on and ideas for content to share with your ideal clients.

YouTube Optimisation Training £97 

Find out how to get your YouTube videos ranked higher in organic search on YouTube and be seen by more people.  The tips I teach can even be used on existing videos to increase the views on them.

3 months of Social Media Strategy Coaching £300

This package will be tailored to your business, it will include pre-recorded training on the Social Media platforms that we identify are ideal for your business and where your clients are.

Each month there will be two 1 hour coaching calls.

The first month we will work on who your ideal client is and where they will be on social media.  Also how you prefer to create content, do you prefer to write blogs or create videos or images. We will decide on a social media platform that you are going to focus on for that month and the content you will create and share.  You will record what your analytics are for the social media site so that you can work out what works to increase your reach and engagement.

Month 2 we will look at what has worked and decide whether to continue focusing on this platform or whether to expand to another social media site.

Advise on creating your own shareable visual content.  A plan including what you want to achieve from your Social Media and how to measure that.  How to measure what is working for the business and what isn’t.  How to interact with prospective clients.

Please email me so we can book a free 30 minute phone call to discuss your requirements, then I will put a proposal together for you.

Online Training Packages

30 days to Twitter Success – £50

This online course will get you Tweeting with confidence and help you grow a following of engaged fans in 15 mins a day.  Click here for more details.

I have specialist knowledge and contacts within the fields of Green Living, Salsa Dancing, Alternative Therapies and Mums in Business.











2 thoughts on “Social Media Services

  1. Amanda

    Hi, mother of five! not enough time in the day etc etc, would like my website to do more! Sure you have heard all this before! I would like help please, have logged in to facebook and twitter and …….. well thats it really! help would be appreciated! Hope to hear from you soon as to how and what we should do to promote promote promote! Amanda

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Amanda Wow five children, I have enough with my 2. Don’t worry I will train you to use Social Media to promote your business efficiently and effectively.


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