30 days to Twitter Success Course

30 days to Twitter Success Course


 Are you:

  • Confused by Twitter?
  • Not sure you are doing it right?
  • Want more followers and retweets, but not sure how to get them?
  • Struggling to get Twitter working for your business?
  • Worrying that doing your own social media will take you ages?
  • Concerned that outsourcing it, will be expensive?
  • Feeling overwhelmed by it all?

 I can help you spend less time on Twitter and get better results!

In my updated course 30 days to Twitter Success you will learn how to:

  • Build an engaged following who love what you do
  • Promote your business
  • Get more from Twitter in less time
  • Network on line
  • Be seen as an expert and a ‘Go-To’ person in your niche
  • And much more, without spending hours online or a penny on ads.

Here’s a few lovely words from previous course particpants:


“Really enjoyed the 30 Days Course with Jackie – she is thorough, patient, insightful and has given me a great grounding in Twitter. Although I wasn’t able to do as much as I wanted during the month owing to my time constraints, I really value the help she gave me and the resources on the course to refer back to as I find more things to learn about over the summer. She’s ace!”

Frances Kelly (@FrankKellySings)

Stop Press: Frances had never been on Twitter before the start of this course in June 2015.  The image above was taken at the end of the course in July, she has gone on to set up another 2 Twitter accounts for different groups since finishing the course.


“I am very glad I took part in the 30 Days to Twitter Success course with Jackie. Doing it over a few days meant that if you are busy and miss a day or two it is easy to catch up and the information is bite size. I definitely learnt more than I expected to and Jackie was always available to answer and questions. I would highly recommend the course and Jackie.”

The Ivory Room (@room_ivory)


“Loved 30 Days To Twitter Success with Jackie Elton ~ she’s my social media Go-To-Gal as she holds my hand and gives me gentle daily tasks and nudges to keep me on track. If you want to kickstart your twitter adventure or get you tweet motivation back, then Jackie’s your girl.”  

Heather Bestel (@HeatherBestel) 

Note: Heather has been on Twitter for longer than most of the participants and has a good following of engaged fans, however she hadn’t been using Twitter regularly for a while, so she found the up to date information very useful.

Join us NOW and let’s heighten your profile, get you seen and accelerate your Twitter Success!

 Who is this course for?

  • Are you just starting out on Twitter?
  • Have a Twitter account but haven’t used it for ages
  • Are using Twitter but not regularly

Results from using the strategies in 30 days to Twitter Success:

  • Paid work (including bigger clients)
  • Press articles (heightening my business profile)
  • Easily keep up to date with new ideas in your area of expertise
  • Online networking (saving money and time on travelling to networking events)
  • Connect with like minded individuals
  • Cost effective marketing (that you can control and fit around your business)
  • Be more visible to influential people in your niche

What’s included?

By taking consistent action you will see results – simple!

To help you do that, I have created a supportive Facebook group community where you will meet other business people to connect with and keep you motivated.  I have also included:

  • Daily Actions
  • Weekly Check-ins
  • Weekly Q & A
  • Regular access to me

What you will learn:

  • How to create a profile so that ideal clients will find you
  • Strategies to engage your audience
  • How to grow your followers
  • How to use hashtags successfully
  • How, what and how often to tweet
  • How to use lists to filter your Twitter feed
  • When to schedule tweets and when not to
  • What apps and tools you need to manage Twitter
  • What resources and further reading I recommend

Why work with me?

I am Jackie Elton, founder of Social Media Lincs and author of the 30 days to Twitter Success course.  I am passionate about helping you use Social Media to promote your business in the most efficient, effective way possible and to help you engage and communicate with your ideal customers. So that you can grow your business.

I hope that you’ll join us and I look forward to welcoming you to the 30 days to Twitter Success course.

Your investment: £50  

{I’m sure you will agree that this course is worth far more than the price that I am inviting your to pay today.  That’s because I want to make sure it is affordable to everyone. For just the price of a daily coffee I’m helping you to build your business and your future.}

If you feel that the 30 days to Twitter Success course is right for you, then I look forward to welcoming you to the group today!

Please email me at socialmedialincs@gmail.com if you have any questions or if you would like to arrange payment via BAC or cheque.


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