Information about Social Media Workshops organised by Social Media Lincs throughout Lincolnshire and beyond.  Prices will vary dependent on the venue costs.

Social Media Masterclasses

New for 2020

Social media workshops in Boston at Fydell House a beautiful Georgian building. Half day social media workshops 10 am till 1 pm, £47 per workshop, maximum 10 people per workshop.

  • 12th February How to Create a Social Media Strategy that works for you and your business
  • 26th February Facebook for Business
  • 5th March Twitter for Business
  • 12th March Undestanding YouTube and video marketing

How to create a social media strategy that works for you and your business

Having a social media strategy for your business can make a huge difference to the results you get when using social media to promote your business. In this workshop we will covering working out your ideal client so that you are on the social media site that they are on and that your social media posts speak to them directly.  What content to share and how to create that  content quickly and easily. How to create a content strategy, that fits around you and your business.

Facebook for Business

To get the most out of your time on Facebook it is important to know how all the different parts of Facebook works and that is what will covered in this workshop. We will not be covering Facebook Ads in this workshop as that is a more advance topic. Firstly you need to know how you can get clients through Facebook organically before you start paying for ads.

  • The basics of Facebook – Personal Profile, Business Page and Groups
  • Understanding Likes and reach
  • What to share on Facebook
  • Creating headers and images using
  • Why interaction is important
  • How to get more people to see what you share without paying for ads
  • Insights, what you should be looking at
  • How to use Facebook groups for business

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Twitter for Business

This workshop is for people that have already got a Twitter account set up, however they do not use Twitter regularly. Twitter is a great way to connect with people and promote your business but you need to know how to use it and how to filter what you see.

  • Understanding Twitter and how it works
  • How to Tweet, Retweet, Reply, DM
  • How to build a following and who to follow
  • What is a Hashtag and how to use them
  • Why quality interaction is key
  • Analytics and what to measure
  • What to share on Twitter
  • How to create headers and images using
  • Networking hours
  • Scheduling versus automation

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Understanding YouTube and video marketing

Video is big in Social Media marketing, video is used to catch people’s eye as they are scrolling through their newsfeed. It is a medium that is easy to consume and is a great way to connect with your ideal clients. Video is relatively easy to create using your smart phone, however it is important to know how to get your videos seen and what to do with them, so that they work for you and your business. In this workshop I will explain how to create video for different social media sites, the different types of video you can create for your business and how YouTube works.

How to create images for Social Media 

  • Why creating your own images for social media and your blog helps you stand out
  • Why you need consistent branding on all your social media accounts
  • The different types of images that you should be creating and sharing on Social Media
  • How to create social media headers using
  • How to create your own motivational quotes
  • Mobile apps for creating quote images for Instagram quickly
  • Creating quick videos on your smart phone for social media posts

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Instagram for business

  • Who is using Instagram?
  • Is it right for your business?
  • Setting up an eye catching profile
  • What images to share on Instagram
  • How to use hashtags
  • Stories on Instagram
  • How to get creative on Instagram
  • Using Video on Instagram

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  • Who should be on LinkedIn & using it regularly
  • How to complete your LinkedIn profile so you are found by the right people
  • LinkedIn Etiquette How to connect with people
  • Using LinkedIn as a networking follow up tool
  • Using the mini Blogging platform
  • Groups & pages
  • Using LinkedIn to be seen as an expert in your field

This workshop is for you if you have a LinkedIn account but don’t know how to use it or if you are a business to business company that wants to find out about how LinkedIn could help your business.

To book a place email me at

Pinterest – Half day workshop

    • What is Pinterest?
    • How can you use it to drive traffic to your website
    • The basics of Pinterest
    • Setting up a business account
    • What boards to create for your business
    • How to pin & link to your site correctly
    • Group Boards – pros & cons
    • Secret Boards

This workshop is for you if you have read the statistics about Pinterest and maybe have set up an account but you haven’t pinned much and don’t understand how you can drive traffic to your site.

Blogging using a WordPress Blog – Full day

  • What is a blog and why might I need one?
  • Why use WordPress to blog or to set up a website
  • Domain name
  • Hosting
  • Choosing a theme
  • Setting up pages
  • Essential plugins
  • Keeping your site safe
  • How to add a post
  • Adding images and videos to your posts
  • Preventing spam
  • How to promote your site
  • Widgets
  • Your blog and Social Media

This workshop is for you if you want to set up your own cost-effective, easy to update website or you already have a wordpress site but you feel that it isn’t working for you and want to know how you can improve it.

4 thoughts on “Workshops

  1. Rosemary Brown

    I was interested to see you were running a Scial Media & Networking session in Boston. I would love to have come along but unfortunately I work Mon – Fri mornings and some afternoons too. Is there any chance of the event being run again, maybe at a weekend or a Wed / Thur / Fri afternoon. The venue would have been ideal too. Only just around the corner from where I live!

    1. admin Post author

      Hello Rosemary. Yes I will be running more Social Media Training Events in Boston. I will try and book one at a time to suit you. I will definitely be using the Black Sluice again it is a fantastic venue.

  2. Sally

    Hello, this sounds really interesting and I would love to attend, but unfortunately I have my children until they go back to school, will you be running further workshops on this? I live in Lincoln. Thanks, Sally

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Sally. I will let you know of up and coming events, however they won’t be this price again. Enjoy the summer holidays with your children.


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