Social Media training and networking event – Boston

Are you getting the most from Social Media?

We are constantly told that Social Media is a great way to market our business but what if you don’t know your facebook from your twitter? Or your hashtag from a share?
The secret to successful social media is quality interaction, interaction is a 2 way street, so how do you get people to interact with you?
Do you have a blog and want more people to read it?
Social media is a great way to promote blogs, websites and products, however you need to get the right mix of promotion and interaction.
So if you would like to find out how to promote your business using Facebook and Twitter, come along to the Business Mums Lincs Social Media training and networking event on Tuesday the 17th of Jan 10am-12pm at the Black Sluice in Boston, £10 per person.  If you have time to stay on for lunch at the Black Sluice Cafe, I will be available over lunch to chat some more.
Let me explain how to get the best out of social media in the most time efficient way.
So what will you learn at this event.
  • Do your clients use Twitter or Facebook? How to decide which platform to use.
  • The basics of Twitter and Facebook, shares, likes, tweets, retweets, hashtags
  • Why you should have a business Facebook page not a Group.
  • How to get more likes and interaction on a business Facebook page.
  • How to share content via Twitter and Facebook.
  • How to get retweets on Twitter
  • Why too much automation is not a good thing
  • Why you don’t need to play the numbers game
I love Social Media and blogging and have found so many useful business contacts and information through Facebook and Twitter. Since starting at the beginning of this year, my twitter account @GreenAspiration has 534 followers and my tweets regularly get retweeted. My Green Aspiration facebook page has 288 people that like the page and gets regular interaction from the people that like it. So I want to pass on the my skills and knowledge about Social Media to you.
For those people that attend the event I will follow and interact with them on Twitter and Facebook.
So if you would like any more information or to book your place contact me either via the contact form. Or if you would prefer to speak to me, call me on 01205 280256.

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