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Happy New Year – What do you want to achieve in 2014

Fireworks New Year 2014I am sat in my new office on New Years Day and I can hear the rain lashing down and the wind blowing outside.  The other day Helen Lindop shared her 2 words for her business in 2014, which were Foundation and Prosperity and asked what our 2 words were going to be for our business in 2014, check out HelenLindop.com Facebook page to find out what other people put.  So this got me thinking what would my 2 words be and I couldn’t think of just 2 so here are my words.

  1. Action – start taking action rather than just coming up with ideas
  2. Imperfection – overcome my huge perfection issues and just start taking action and don’t worry whether my new products are perfect, just get them out there
  3. Failure – Be okay with failure, I am not good with failure which my perfection issues tend to protect me from.  But this year I will learn how to be ok with failing.
  4. Authentic – Sometimes you get so caught up in how you think people in business should be that you forget to be yourself, which then means you don’t end up working with the right people.  So this year if you meet me in person or follow me on Twitter I might seem different to what you are used to, however this is the real me.  I will be shining my own unique light on people that want to work with me.
  5. Creative – this links in with number 4 and just because other more established businesses do things a certain way, it doesn’t mean that is the right way for you.  I am going to get creative in both my business and home life, which will hopefully lead to lots more number 6.
  6. Fun – I think when we reach a certain age or circumstances, we sometimes forget how important it is to have fun on a daily basis.  For me this was sort of when I became a mum, a combination of lack of sleep, the responsibility for 2 young children and all the extra stuff that comes along with having a child with Autism and then becoming a single mum and running my own businesses, I sort of got very serious.  Yes I would still have fun when I took the kids out to the beach or wherever but on a day to day basis I didn’t have much fun.  However that is going to change I am going to make sure I have a daily dose of fun, to lighten up my days, especially grey, wet and windy days like today.

This year I am going to take more action, be ok with imperfection and failure, get more creative and have more fun, so that the authentic Jackie Elton can come out from hiding and have fun helping lots of people to run successful brilliant businesses by singing from the rooftops of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google + and LinkedIn about their awesome unique businesses.

I was also going to try and do shorter blog posts, ha ha, will have to practise that one.

Happy New Year and may 2014 be your best year yet full of everything you can dream of.

What do you want to acheive in 2014?  What words will describe your year in business? Please leave a comment below.

The firework photo can be found on stock.xchng and is by Green Bay.