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How to Generate a QR code?

QR code to Social Media Lincs Twitter profile

This QR code takes you to Social Media Lincs Twitter profile

A QR code is a black and white square that looks similiar to a barcode that you might find on products at the supermarket.  It can be used to direct smart phone users to a particular page on a website.  You can use them on a sign in a shop window to direct people to follow you on Facebook or Twitter or on any traditional marketing material like business cards, leaflets, brochures etc.  Having them on a sign either in a shop window or near a till with a call to action, like follow us on Twitter or Facebook makes it easy for your customers to follow you, as even if they haven’t got signal there and then the QR code scanner will save the url so they can go to the site later.

The QR code above will take you to my Twitter account @SocialMediaLinc

I use a site called bitly.com to generate QR codes as well as shorten links.

Firstly decide where you want to direct people to.  In this example I will direct them to my Social Media Linc Twitter account.  Copy the address for the page.

Then go to bitly.com and create a free account if you don’t already use bitly.

Paste the link to your page in the Paste a link here box at the top right of the page.

Then go to Stats

Find the link you want to make into a QR code and click on it.

Next click the small QR icon next to the shortened bitly url. This will generate a QR code for your link.

Right click the image of the QR code that appears and click Save as, then use it where ever you want.  Before printing lots of copies of a leaflet with a QR code on always check the QR code to make sure it works and goes to the correct site.

There are other QR code generators, but as I use bitly to shorten my links it makes sense to use it to generate my QR codes too.  Do you use bitly or would you recommend another site?  Do you use QR codes? Let me know in a comment below.