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How to create original images for your blog and Social Media

Do I really need to create original images for my business?

Do you want more engagement on your Social Media sites?

Do you want more people to visit your website or blog?

Then yes you need to create original visual content, which links to original written content.


Some call it the Pinterest effect, as since the imaged based Social Media site Pinterest has appeared and been so successful, other Social Media sites like Facebook and Twitter are now giving more prominence to images.  Or it could be that in this fast paced world we live in images are what draw our attention the most, whether it be a picture of a cute kitten or the northern lights.  As the saying goes “A picture paints a thousand words!” They also stand out in a sea of words.

“But I can’t afford a photographer and designer to create original images for me,” I hear you say, never fear there are quick and easy ways to create your own visual content.

1) The quote image

create quotes which are shareable imagesThe quickest and easiest way to make a quote image is to use quozio.com although the choice of font and background are limited.  To create a more original quote image either use your own photo or a stock photo and add a quote using PicMonkey or Canva.  Below is a quote I created using my own photo, make sure you add your web address and/or logo, so then if it is shared, people know the source or who created it.

Do not go where the path leads2) The Screenshot

The screenshot is great for how to blog posts and to show good examples of what you are talking about in a post, they can also be used to share testimonials.  They are very quick and easy to create you just need a screen capture tool on your toolbar.

Screenshot of new Twitter profile

3) Add the title of your blog post to a picture

Image-with-text-for-blog-postThis is a picture related to the blog post and by adding the title of the blog post, it tells the reader what to expect.  Therefore increasing the chance that people that are interested in the blog post will read and/or share the blog post.  This is also a great way to use a free stock image to create your own visual content.

4) Create a collage showing different products or different stages of a craft tutorial.

Facebook-header-collagePic Monkey is quick and easy for creating collages or Facebook header images, as is Picassa.  Above is an image I created for my Facebook header at Christmas using Pic Monkey.

5) Create a graphic to summarise key points of a blog post

How-to-be-a-Twitter-StarI used Canva.com to create this simple graphic.

I hope this post has inspired you to create your own visual content.

If you have found this post useful please share it on your favourite Social Media Site.



Why is it important to use images in your blog posts?

Meercats - using images in blog posts

Is it wrong to use cute animals like Meercats to promote your buisness?

If you read any basic article about starting your own blog, somewhere it will mention the importance of using images in your posts.  This post is not just about why you should use images in your blog posts but why you should use your own unique images rather than stock photos.  At present I have 2 blogs, Green and Natural Living and Social Media Lincs, I have always found it easier to use my own unique images in my Green and Natural Living blog as I take my camera with me when I am out and about, or I take my own photos of things I am sent to review.   However using your own images for a business advice or social media advice blog is harder but it is possible and there are reasons why you should use your own images.

  1. Social Media sites are becoming more image based so having an image or 2 in your blog post will make it look better when shared.
  2. Pinterest is a great way to generate traffic to your blog, as it is image based if your blog post doesn’t have quality images people won’t want to pin it.
  3. Using stock photos means that other people might also use the same image, so they don’t help your business stand out.
  4. Orginal images stand out on all Social Media channels and are more likely to be shared especially on Pinterest.
  5. Using your own images means you don’t ever have to worry about copyright.

With todays technology it is easy to get creative with images, using a digital camera and free software such as Picasa you can produce images with text on quite easily, as I have done above, as well as creating collages using different images.  Once you have mastered Picasa, you can also use it to create images to use with all your social media sites like your facebook cover pic and google header image, and even your blog header as I have done.  Here is a great video tutorial on how to use Picasa to design a Facebook Cover pic and here is a useful infographic – ultimate social media sizing cheat sheet by Lunametrics with all the dimensions of different parts of social media profiles.

If you don’t fancy doing this yourself why not contact Ali at Creative Hands Marketing for some help with designs work.

You can also create Wordles to use in blog posts like the one below that I did for a post about Pinterest or you could create your own infographics, although I haven’t done my own infographic yet.

I love Pinterest

Wordle about Pinterest

I hope this has been useful. For more links to informative blog posts and infographics follow my boards on Pinterest.  Please let me know if you get creative with images on your blog by leaving me a comment below.


MOTIVATION that’s what you need!

Motivating yourself when you are a self employed, work from home mum can be a challenge, after all what’s the worse the boss will do? The boss understands that you have all the housework, shopping and kids stuff to do as well as work, so they go easy on you and anyway you have spent the last hour on Twitter and Facebook doing your all important Social Media, haven’t you?

So what motivates me to continue running my online business selling eco-friendly and ethical gifts, writing posts for my blog about my sustainable eco-lifestyle here in Lincolnshire and has me setting up this new blog for Local Networking for Business Mums in Lincolnshire.  Is it wanting to be a successful mumpreneur? Is it wanting to earn money for mine and my childrens future? Well sort of, but my main motivation and driving force is wanting to help people and make a difference. I am not sure when I started wanting to make a difference but for as long as I can remember, I have wanted to make a difference and this has influenced most of my careers.

I like people, I think they are wonderful and I enjoy helping different people, so I am in the process of setting up Business Mums Lincs to help mums with networking opportunities here in Lincolnshire and pass on some of the information I have found useful in the last 2 years of running my business.  Recently I had a long phone conversation with a lovely local Lincolnshire mum, who wanted a stall at the Pamper Evening I was organising for my local pre-school, I ended up giving her lots of advice about Twitter and Facebook. Later that day she posted about the wonderful day she had had and that it was all started off by the conversation she had with me. To have had such an effect on someones day was really lovely and made me very happy. Hopefully I will help more Buiness Mums in Lincolnshire to have positive days like that.

Both Green Aspirations and the Green and Natural Living Blog were set up because I wanted to help people see how easy it is to make a positive difference to the planet by what they choose to buy and show people how being green can be better for them too.

My 2 motivational forces that keep me working as a self employed mum working from home, rather than working for a local council, are of course my 2 gorgeous children and wanting to make a difference for them by being able to be there at school assemblies, pick them up from school and to be there for them if they are sick.

This is an entry into the JoanneDewbury.co.uk blogging competition

Business Mums Lincs organises Local Networking events for Business Mums in Lincolnshire and delivers social media training.