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LinkedIn Profile Tips #1 Websites Section

If you are a Business that works mainly with other businesses you should be on LinkedIn, but is your LinkedIn Profile as good as it could be.  On your profile you can add links to 3 websites, make sure you use all these links, even if you only have one website and don’t just leave them saying Company Website.  You can use these links to direct people to where you want them to go on your website. So here is how to change your website links from Company Website to something that tells people about what you do.

From this

To this

As you can see from the bottom Screen Shot, it tells the prospective client what they will find on your website. If you have only one website direct them to facebook as well or direct them to different pages of your website.

So here is how to edit your profile so that your websites section stands out more:

1) Go to Profile on the Linked In menu across the top of the page and click Edit Profile

2) Then scroll down to where it says Company Website or Blog and click Edit

Next click on the arrow next to Company Website or Blog and choose Other.

Then where it says Website Title, type in what you want that website or page to be described as using keywords.

Then click Save at the bottom of the page and your website section should then be personalised for your business.

Keep following my blog for more hints and tips on using LinkedIn for your business.

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Benefits of Networking at Local Events

Do you concentrate most of your networking online?  Too busy to go to local networking events?  Find the time and make the effort to go to a local networking events near you.  Recently I have found some great networking groups in Lincolnshire, I like getting out and meeting people as being a sole trader sat behind a computer all day, face to face social interaction is limited.

Benefits of attending your local networking group:

  • You meet people face to face and can get a feel for whether you can work with that person
  • People will get to know, like and trust you quicker meeting you in person, than when you are on line
  • You can find local business people that may be useful to you and your business
  • It gets you out of the office chatting with people that are in a similar situation to you
  • You might even get some direct business from it
  • People you meet might recommend you to their friends or business contacts
  • Listening to interesting speakers on their specialty
  • Contacts you make and relationships you build may be useful in the future

Since starting networking in Lincolnshire I have gained new clients, found people who are able to print my leaflets and found a T’ai Chi expert.

Read my post about some of my favourite networking groups in Lincolnshire

What are your experiences of networking in person? Leave me a comment below.

Become a Mumpreneur Course – What it is all about?

About a year ago I started out on the Become a Mumpreneur Course run by Antonia Chitty and Erica Douglas. At that point I was running my business Green Aspirations selling environmental and ethical gifts via my online store and stalls at craft and gift events. The course has given me the boost I needed to take my business to the next level. I have made some fantastic business contacts and met some lovely business mums because of the course.

Here is a summary of what I have achieved in the last year.

  • February I set up and started blogging at my Green and Natural Living Blog with the help of the fantastic Tame Techy, who was also on the BAM course with me.
  • March I started out on Twitter @GreenAspiration and am really enjoying tweeting. I now have 680 followers. Thanks to all the BAM ladies that helped me out in my early tweeting days, when I was asking them lots of questions.
  • In the summer I did my first video blog, a tour around my small holding.
  • September I set up Business Mums Lincs to provide networking opportunities for mums in business in Lincolnshire and set up my second blog to go with it.
  • October I went to Nottingham to attend the excellent Business Mums Unite Conference, where I meet loads of lovely mums in business and listened to some inspirational speakers. All thanks to the wonderful Kizzy Bass another brilliant business mum from the BAM course.
  • November I ran my first Business Mums Lincs Social Media Workshop, which was lots of fun and a steep learning curve for me.
  • November and December were busy for me with Christmas craft fayres and sales from the Green Aspirations online shop
One of the best parts of the BAM course was the online friendships and support network that I have built with other business mums, who are juggling running a business and looking after their families.
Some of the amazing BAM women include Carol Smith who lives in Lincolnshire not too far away from me. She is a fabulous blogger and an inspiration to me, may be a blog of mine might be as successful as one of Carol’s some day.
Mandy Taylor or the Tame Techy, as she might prefer to be called, helped me so much in setting up my first blog and was so patient with me in the early days of my journey into blogging. I would not be writing this blog post if not for her. Mandy is one of the very successful BAM mums, I haven’t met her in person but maybe in 2012 we might manage a BAM meet up.
Kizzy Bass is another of the BAM ladies who I have managed to meet up with for a coffee and a chat, she is lovely, very supportive of business mums and has done a great press release for me.
So if you want to experience the BAM effect on your business then you have a chance to join the course until Friday 3rd February. Join the Become a Mumpreneur Course today. If you join please say that you found out about the course from me, Jackie Elton, as I will get a small reward for anyone joining. Thank you. I look forward to chatting with you on the BAM members website soon.


Business Mums Lincs First Networking Event

Calling all Mums in Business in Lincolnshire, would you like to attend Networking Events tailored specifically to mums. Networking events that fit in around school hours, well Business Mums Lincs is just what you have been looking for.

On Wednesday 23rd November, 10am till 12pm at the Healthy Hub, Lincoln, Business Mums Lincs is hosting it’s first Networking and Social Media training event. The Healthy Hub is a fantastic venue and has a lovely cafe, where people can continue networking over a yummy wholefood lunch or fairtrade coffee and cake if they like. I will be staying for some lunch, so would it be lovely to have a few mums to chat with.

Are you getting the most from Social Media?
We are constantly told that Social Media is a great way to market our business but what if you don’t know your facebook from your twitter? Or your hashtag from a share?
The secret to successful social media is quality interaction, interaction is a 2 way street, so how do you get people to interact with you?
Do you have a blog and want more people to read it?
Social media is a great way to promote blogs, websites and products, however you need to get the right mix of promotion and interaction.
Let me explain how to get the best out of social media in the most time efficient way.
So what will you learn at this event.
  • Do your clients use Twitter or Facebook? How to decide which platform to use.
  • The basics of Twitter and Facebook, shares, likes, tweets, retweets, hashtags
  • Why you should have a business Facebook page not a Group.
  • How to get more likes and interaction on a business Facebook page.
  • How to share content via Twitter and Facebook.
  • How to get retweets on Twitter
  • Why too much automation is not a good thing
  • Why you don’t need to play the numbers game
I love Social Media and blogging and have found so many useful business contacts and information through Facebook and Twitter. Since starting at the beginning of this year, my twitter account @GreenAspiration has 415 followers and my tweets regularly get retweeted. My Green Aspiration facebook page has 273 people that like the page and gets regular interaction from the people that like it. So I want to pass on my passion for Social Media to as many Mums in Business in Lincolnshire as possible.
So why not come and join me and 18 other lovely Mums in Business on the 23rd of Nov at the Healthy Hub. It is my first Business Mums Lincs event so the introductory price is a bargain at just £10. Online training courses for 2 hours social media training vary from £35-£50. I also guarantee to follow and like all the mums pages and share and retweet some of their content.
To book your place please use the Contact Page above and I will contact you with further details. I look forward to meeting you on the 23rd November.

Social Media – What’s it all about?

Okay so we all know social media is a great inexpensive marketing tool, because so many blogs and articles tell us so.

Is your business missing out because you aren’t being Social Media Savvy? Etc Etc.

But what happens if you don’t know your Twitter from your Facebook or your Linked in from your Google +, to organise and run a successful social media campaign you need to understand the different social media platforms and social media generally. I have seen lots of business that have obviously been told they need to be on Facebook or Twitter, so they have dutifully set up accounts, but then when you look at their pages it is obvious they don’t understand social media.

The 3 magic keys to social media

1) Be generous with content and sharing

To build trust on social media sites you need to be generous with some of the information you have and share it with people. The idea is people see you as someone that is worth liking or following because you give out and share good content. You are an expert who shares good, interesting, informative, useful and sometimes funny content. Also be generous in Retweeting other peoples useful information and links, people will value that and might be more likely to retweet or share a link or something of yours at a later date.

2) Interaction

Social media is about building trusted relationships with people and interaction is the basis of any relationship. You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours as the saying goes. But where do you start, interaction can be as simple as thanking someone for retweeting a tweet or joining in on a conversation that you have a genuine interest in. In social media you want as much interaction with as many people as possible. So put positive and useful comments on peoples blogs or facebook pages, like peoples pages and follow people you find interesting. Quality interaction takes time and thought, but is also good fun and you never know where it might lead.  Quality interaction is not putting promotional blurbs on peoples facebook pages in the hope they will like you or that their friends will like you.

Interaction is not a numbers game, when I started out Tweeting and also looking at other peoples business pages on Facebook, the first thing I noticed were the numbers, wow they have 100’s or thousands of followers or likes they must be really good. How wrong I was! Yes to the untrained eye this looks good, but if your followers don’t like and share your content they won’t end up seeing many of your new posts. It is far more useful to have 10 or 20 loyal fans or followers that like what you have to say and regularly share your information than 100’s who have only ever been to your page once and liked it in the hope that you will like them.

3) Always be professional and positive

When using Social Media for business I am always professional, which for me is being polite, generous, positive and kind. I do not winge and moan about things that are going wrong in my life, that is what my best friends are for. I may mention that I am busy or have a busy schedule but my clients and prospective clients do not want to hear that I am having a bad day and especially not in detail. I also do not swear even with asterisks. People may annoy me with their comments but I always reply in a polite and constructive manner. With Social Media always remember that when you press post or share whatever you have written is in the public domain.

So basically successful social media, takes time, thought and quite a lot of work but it is worth it and is a great way to network, find information and prospective clients and you can also have fun with it along the way.

I hope this post has been useful. Do you agree with me? What are your keys to successful Social Media? Please let me know by leaving a comment.


Business Mums Unite Conference 19th October 2011

Will you be at the Business Mums Unite Conference on 19th October in Nottingham? I will.

Networking is vital for a successful business, it enables you to spread your message about your product and/or service, meet other business women and build relationships with them. Going to a networking event where there are interesting and inspirational speakers and exhibitors is an added bonus. The Business Mums Unite Conference also has the benefit of being only 1.5 hours away from me, opposed to in London or the South Coast, so I will get to meet lots of brilliant East Midlands Business Mums.

I am looking forward to hearing Elaine Hanzak speak about “Small things that can make a big difference”. There are also lots of interesting and informative workshops on Social Networking, Direct Sales, Successful Networking, Blogging, Accounting for your business and more.

There are lots of lovely inspirational ladies exhibiting at the conference including Ces Loftus from The Light Direction, I read her blog post about what motivates her at the weekend and she sounds like an amazing focused women. Other exhibitors include Wickfree UK, Captain Tortue, Jacques Designs, Rhythm of your choice, First Choice Nanny Agency, Jamie Oliver at Home, CB Nutrition and more exhibitors.

Oh, did I mention there are Goody bags. So will I see you at Business Mums Unite on the 19th Oct in Nottingham? I do hope so, I love getting to know people and hearing about their wonderful businesses, maybe you have the perfect product that I am looking for. See you on the 19th!

Welcome to Business Mums Lincs

Hello Everyone and Welcome to Business Mums Lincs the new place to find out about networking opportunities and advice on running a successful business for mums (and dads) in Lincolnshire.

I am Jackie and have been running my own business part time for over 2 years, I am a mum to 2 gorgeous children and have lived in rural Lincolnshire most of my life. Since starting the business I have done some traditional networking events such as breakfast clubs, however they tend to be full of people in suits and can be a little daunting especially if you don’t know anyone there. I don’t attend the events regularly because normally when they are on, I am busy getting my 2 children ready for school.

So I have started Business Mums Lincs to provide networking opportunites for mums

  • who want to network with like minded people, who are dealing with some of the same issues as they are.
  • who want local events, so you don’t have to travel to the other side of the County.
  • who want events that fit around school hours.
  • who want events that are friendly, fun, informative and supportive.

Please leave a comment if there is anything you would like information about or if you would like a Business Mums Lincs Event in your area.