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LinkedIn Profile Tips #1 Websites Section

If you are a Business that works mainly with other businesses you should be on LinkedIn, but is your LinkedIn Profile as good as it could be.  On your profile you can add links to 3 websites, make sure you use all these links, even if you only have one website and don’t just leave them saying Company Website.  You can use these links to direct people to where you want them to go on your website. So here is how to change your website links from Company Website to something that tells people about what you do.

From this

To this

As you can see from the bottom Screen Shot, it tells the prospective client what they will find on your website. If you have only one website direct them to facebook as well or direct them to different pages of your website.

So here is how to edit your profile so that your websites section stands out more:

1) Go to Profile on the Linked In menu across the top of the page and click Edit Profile

2) Then scroll down to where it says Company Website or Blog and click Edit

Next click on the arrow next to Company Website or Blog and choose Other.

Then where it says Website Title, type in what you want that website or page to be described as using keywords.

Then click Save at the bottom of the page and your website section should then be personalised for your business.

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