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Pinterest – Top 10 tips for getting referral traffic to your site


What is Pinterest?

Pinterest may be a relatively small social media site in relationship to the likes of Facebook, but do not underestimate it, it is a powerful site if used correctly.  Every Social Media site is different and to get the most out of each Social Media site it makes sense to find out how to use that particular site and join in the community.  Although Pinterest is grouped within Social Media, it is quite different to Facebook and Twitter, and you might find it helpful to think of it as a mini search engine, as people that love Pinterest and use it regularly will go there and search for things they love and want to pin. Social-Media-Lincs-on-Pinterest I use Pinterest to organise blog posts that I may need to refer back to and that I think my followers will find useful.  I also pin for fun, fashion, gift and home ideas I like, Dr Who, recipes that I will most probably never get round to making, Green living and motivational quotes.

So who is using Pinterest?

Is your ideal customer a women between 25-44 years old, who is educated and is a middle to high earner?  Then you should think seriously about starting to use Pinterest.  If your business is in any one of these categories you definitely need to be on Pinterest, Food & Drink, Crafts, Women’s Fashion, Weddings, Travel.

So here are my top 10 tips for getting more out of Pinterest

1) Always make sure you link your pins

Because one of the great things about Pinterest is the quality free referal traffic this is one thing you do not want to get wrong.  An unlinked pin will say image, next to like on the pin rather than visit site, an unlinked pin will just take you to a jpeg image rather than the specific page that the image was pinned from.  To make pinning easier add the pin it button to your tool bar, go to help in Pinterest to get the right pin it button for your browser.  Always link a pin to the page where you found it, as the idea is you are making your content easy to find, if you send me to your home page rather than the blog post or product page I won’t bother trying to search your site I’ll just leave. Example-of-unlinked-pin Great pin but it doesn’t take you to the blog post.

2) Start thinking of Pinterest as a search engine rather than Social Media site

When Pinterest started out it was seen as a Social Media site for sharing and collating images, however it is so much more.  People who love Pinterest will use the search facility in Pinterest before they go to Google to find information and products.  Do you sell products? Ever thought of using Pinterest as an online catalogue?  Keep an eye out for people that are pinning your products directly from your site and repin those pins.  There are 3 ways you can search on Pinterest – pins, boards and pinners so this is where you want to be adding keywords in different areas of Pinterest so that you get found for your keywords.

3) Always complete your profile

As with all other social media sites always complete your profile with a profile pic and complete the bio using keywords that you want your business to be found for, so that if someone is using your keywords and searching in Pinners you will appear.  If you are using Pinterest for business you should have set up a business account.  Linking your Pinterest account to your Twitter account is a good idea as then you can share some of your pins on Twitter so that existing followers can see you are on Pinterest as well.  Don’t Tweet all your pins though.

4) Titles of boards

Although Pinterest is based on pictures you need to use words in the right places to get your pins found via search as mentioned in 2.  The first place to use keywords is in the titles of your boards so if you are a wedding planner rather than naming boards, cakes, dresses, jewellery, shoes, hairstyles, etc you need to use the words that your clients will be typing into search such as chocolate wedding cakes, vintage wedding dresses, Gothic themed weddings so that your boards and pins will be found in search.  Your boards and pins will also come up in Google searches too if they described well.  If you have an about me board call it your name or business name for example Jackie Elton/Social Media Lincs rather than about me. Cake-boards-on-Pinterest The difference between using cakes as a title and wedding cakes as a title for your board. Wedding-cake-boards-on-Pinterest Also if you have been on Pinterest for a while and you may have boards called Products I Love, Books worth reading, Animals, My style, For the Home.  (These were generic boards that were present when you opened your Pinterest account.)  If they have a lot of pins on change their names to Social Media Books worth reading or something that sets you apart from all the other boards with those titles.  Don’t believe me, do a search using those board titles and see how many boards appear.  However, if you don’t have many pins on these boards, repin the pins and delete the boards.  You want your Pinterest account to stand out and look professional. Generic-boards-on-Pinterest Examples of “products I love” boards

5) Describe all boards & Categorise your boards

As I have mentioned you want to be putting your keywords in places that help your profile, boards and pins to be found.  Therefore describe what you board is about, such as Vintage wedding ideas including wedding cakes, dresses and ideas for venues.  Add your boards to categories, some businesses fit into the available categories easier than others, like weddings, travel or food and drink, opposed to Green Living.  This means if someone is browsing via categories your pins might be found. categories-Pinterst

6) Describe pins

When I started out on Pinterest several years ago, when it was relatively new, I didn’t know what I was doing and I wasn’t using it for business.  I would pin something and the description would be something like gorgeous, love it, wow, pretty.  Apologies if you ever find any of my early pins.  Obviously from a keyword and Search Engine perspective these are useless.  Don’t use too many words but do describe your pins using keywords.

7) Create your own unique images

80% of pins are repins, this is an important statistic, if you want to stand out on Pinterest.  It basically means that there are a lot of the same pins on Pinterest, so if you create your own pinnable images for your blog posts then these will stand out and if they get repinned they stand a higher chance of being repinned.  There are so many great, easy to use design programmes and apps that there is no excuse for not producing your own visual content.  Canva.com is easy to use as is PicMonkey if you like taking pictures with your phone PicsArt is a great app.  I use it for creating quote pictures.  If you are really short on time and aren’t good at design then make some quote images using Quozio.com.

Read my post about creating your own images to share on Social Media for some ideas on what you could create.  You can also pin YouTube videos, so if you create your own YouTube videos you can pin them too.

8) Re-arrange your boards

The first 8 or 10 boards are the first thing someone sees when they click on your profile so it is the first impression they get of your business.  However, if in the middle of summer the first board they see is a Christmas ideas board followed by a Valentine themed party board, they may not bother looking further down your boards and see your Summer Party ideas board or your great about me board.

9) Cover Images

Cover images are really important firstly these are bigger and are what people will notice when they first come to your profile, so they need to be beautiful and a good representation of your individual boards and your business in general.  They are what make people want to see what else is on your boards.  The Cover Image is usually the first pin that you pin on a board so if that isn’t the best cover image change it by hovering over the cover image and then click change cover.

10) Secret Boards

Use Secret boards to pin things that you don’t want your followers to see, this could be ideas for a new product or project, pins from competitors, blog post that you find interesting but that don’t fit with your business brand.

There is more to Pinterest than I can put in one post but these are the basics and some of the common things that people could do better.

This article first appear in issue 10 of Business Rocks online magazine.  If you would like to work with me to get Pinterest working for you, send me an email at socialmedialincs@gmail.com or fill in the contact form.

Monday Motivation – Working with an expert

Work with a Social Media trainer

Work with a Social Media trainer

Social Media is relatively easy to use, most people have used Facebook for quite a while before starting a business so why do you need to find a good Social Media Trainer?  Because there are lots of Facebook business pages with very few likes and very little interaction.  Yes you could buy some likes but that is a waste of your money, far better to invest the money in learning how to use Social Media successfully yourself.  Lots of people say they are too busy to do their own Social Media but you don’t have to spend hours on Social Media if you learn how to use it efficiently and effectively.

Successful Social Media isn’t about the number of likes it is about the level of interaction you get from your followers and that depends on you being consistent and sharing quality, relevant and useful information with your followers, but to do this you need to know the basics of how to use the different Social Media sites.   Yes you can spend a lot of time reading blog posts about Social Media and trialing what works but the problem is there is a lot of information out there and not all of it is of high quality.

So save yourself some time and money by finding a Social Media trainer and work with them to make your business a success on Social Media.

If you would like to find out more about working with me get in touch, either using the contact form or give me a ring for a quick chat.  Let me know what Social Media platform you would like help with in the comments below.

Can any business use Pinterest?

I love Pinterest

Pinterest is a great social media site to promote your business, it isn’t as frantic as other social media sites so what you share will remain searchable and visible for longer.  Pinterest is a brilliant tool for businesses that have good images of products, which can then be linked back to a site where the products can be purchased.  However, even businesses without products with pretty pictures can use it to build their brand identity and help prospective customers get a feel for the business.

For example, if you own a hotel or B and B you can create boards with pictures showing your venue, the food it serves and local attractions.

If on the other hand you are a Virtual Administrator then you have to get a bit more creative and have boards that show your personality.  You could have boards with useful blog posts, your office and how to be more organised.

Remember for Pinterest, like other social media sites, content is still king.  So if you want to be repinned you need to have fantastic pictures, which link to good content.  Some of the most repinned images are quotes and recipes.

What do you like to repin? Let me know in a comment below.

If you would like to learn more about Pinterest have a look at my Pinterest Passion Coaching package.

Pinterest Passion Coaching

In January I will be launching my Pinterest Passion Coaching Package.  During 2012 it is likely that you have either read about Pinterest or heard someone talking about Pinterest or seen a tweet about someone Pinning something to a board on Pinterest.  You might have then thought “oh no!” not another Social Media site to keep upto date.

So why should you bother with Pinterest?

  • It is all about the links back to your site so it is great for referral traffic to your site, whether you have a blog or e-commerce site.
  • There are more women than men using it 79% female to 21% male, so if your ideal client is female it is a brilliant place to be.
  • It is a brilliant tool for telling the story of you and your business.  Helping people to know, like and trust you.

So if you want to take your pinterest account from this…

Heather Bestel Pinterest Account before working with me

To this…

Heather Bestel’s Pinterest Account after working with me

The above image shows what Heather was able to do after just one hour of coaching from me and here is what she said about working with me.

“I just loved my Pinterest Passion Coaching Session with Jackie!!! I’d heard everyone talking about Pinterest for ages but just hadn’t taken the first step. I wished I’d done it sooner now. Jackie was just the person I needed. During our session, she walked me through each step of the process until I felt confident to do it by myself. She was so patient and I learnt so much in such a short space of time. Now there’s no stopping me.”

During the Pinterest Passion Coaching Session I will show you how to:

  • Navigate Pinterest
  • Create boards
  • Update your profile
  • Add pins using the Pin It button
  • Upload your own pins and link to your site
  • Add prices to pins
  • Re-arrange your boards
  • Repin other people’s pins
  • Give you ideas on what boards to create to support your business branding

After your Pinterest Passion Coaching Session with me you will be pinning with confidence.  I will also give you feedback on your boards when you have set them up.

My Pinterest Passion coaching package is no longer available, however I still work with businesses and individuals so please contact me if you would like training on how to use Pinterest or me to manage your account.

How to Generate a QR code?

QR code to Social Media Lincs Twitter profile

This QR code takes you to Social Media Lincs Twitter profile

A QR code is a black and white square that looks similiar to a barcode that you might find on products at the supermarket.  It can be used to direct smart phone users to a particular page on a website.  You can use them on a sign in a shop window to direct people to follow you on Facebook or Twitter or on any traditional marketing material like business cards, leaflets, brochures etc.  Having them on a sign either in a shop window or near a till with a call to action, like follow us on Twitter or Facebook makes it easy for your customers to follow you, as even if they haven’t got signal there and then the QR code scanner will save the url so they can go to the site later.

The QR code above will take you to my Twitter account @SocialMediaLinc

I use a site called bitly.com to generate QR codes as well as shorten links.

Firstly decide where you want to direct people to.  In this example I will direct them to my Social Media Linc Twitter account.  Copy the address for the page.

Then go to bitly.com and create a free account if you don’t already use bitly.

Paste the link to your page in the Paste a link here box at the top right of the page.

Then go to Stats

Find the link you want to make into a QR code and click on it.

Next click the small QR icon next to the shortened bitly url. This will generate a QR code for your link.

Right click the image of the QR code that appears and click Save as, then use it where ever you want.  Before printing lots of copies of a leaflet with a QR code on always check the QR code to make sure it works and goes to the correct site.

There are other QR code generators, but as I use bitly to shorten my links it makes sense to use it to generate my QR codes too.  Do you use bitly or would you recommend another site?  Do you use QR codes? Let me know in a comment below.

What does your business card say about your business?

First impressions always count especially when you are at Networking Events.  What sort of impression do you want to make?  Do you want to stand out from the crowd and be memorable?  Of course you do.  When people are back in their office you want them to remember you and what you do.

One of the easiest ways to do this is with a well thought out and designed business card.  What do you want your business card to say about you?  Boring and cheap, or unique and valuable.  I was at a marketing event last year and the keynote speaker asked us all to get our business cards out and hold them to our forehead so everyone else on our table could see them.  Lots of them were on white or cream card, rectangular in shape, some with a logo, some without a logo and of course contact details.

My business card is different.  It is a Moo business card, yes it is on white card with my distinctive logo and my contact details, however it is double sided and on the back I have different pictures of my products, I could have upto 50 different pictures if I wanted.  So I tend to fan a few business cards out with the pictures showing and ask the person to pick a card.  At networking events you need to be memorable, to stand out from the crowd and a Moo business card can help you do that.

My Business Cards from Moo

My Business Cards from Moo

Moo Business cards aren’t free like some business cards but you need to invest in your business branding to be a success and stand out from the crowd.  Moo Business Cards can also be purchased in small amouts, which is ideal when you are starting out in business as things can change quickly or if you are adding new product lines.

Moo business cards are very easy to design on their website and they have online chat if you are having difficulties.  Uploading your pictures is simple to do too.  You even have the option of having your cards made from 100% recycled paper, which I did as that is part of my business ethos.  Moo also do mini cards that I use as a tag on some of my products.

So if you want to build your business brand Moo Business Cards are the ideal solution. Click any of the links or the advert across in the side bar to have a look at the Moo website.

This post contains affliate links, if you purchase some Moo business cards using one of the links I will earn a small commission.