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Online and in person Networking in Lincolnshire with Lincs Connect

Networking with Lincs Connect


When you are starting out on Twitter it is sometimes difficult to get going with it, especially if you aren’t getting anyone retweeting your tweets or chatting with you.  Finding a local Twitter networking group with other local businesses and people to tweet with is very useful.  Networking hours are good but can sometimes be full of self promoting automated tweets rather than people chatting and retweeting.  Also it maybe difficult to attend if the hour clashes with other commitments, so using a hashtag such as #LincsConnect, which is 24/7 is a great alternative.

Lincs Connect started out on Twitter and the idea is to follow @LincsConnect then use #LincsConnect in your tweets and some people will retweet your tweets.  If you retweet other peoples tweets with #LincsConnect in then you are more likely to get retweets and people are more likely to chat with you.  Below you can see that these tweets have been retweeted.

LincsConnect-TweetsLincs Connect has now expanded and has a monthly networking meeting at the Petwood Hotel, Woodhall Spa, usually on the first Friday of the month from 5.30pm.  However this month it is on the 11th of July at The Petwood 5.30pm onwards.  It is a really friendly group and helps you get to know the people behind the Twitter names and build relationships with those people.  It is also good fun and we have a laugh.

There is a great mix of people that attend and support Lincs Connect from small businesses like myself, to volunteers from various Lincolnshire charities, crafters and bloggers.  Some people have lots of followers on Twitter and some are fairly new to Twitter.  So here is a bit more about some of the great tweeters that attend:


Mandarin Leisure


@MANDARINLEISURE Martin knows a lot of people and is a great supporter of Lincs Connect regularly attending the meetings and retweeting people’s tweets.


Maple Tree Cottage Southrey





The lovely Ann @SouthreyCottage is a keen gardener and tweets about what is going on around Lincoln.



Lives HQ



@LivesHQ regularly attends the Lincs Connect meetings if he isn’t busy around the county saving lives.





@AggieMoore is a very busy lady also tweeting for @WoodhallSpaShow, a keen photographer and baker of yummy cakes, regular #LincsConnect & #clubhectare tweeter





@themanorhousebb Christ is a generous and positive retweeter, great supporter of farming and Lincolnshire #clubhectare #LincsConnect & #LincsHour



Other lovely people you might meet at a Lincs Connect meeting are:

  • @RuralPics – James a rural farming and agricultural photographer
  • @suddenadultdeat – Teresa a dedicated volunteer and mum raising money and awareness about Sudden Adult Death
  • @WoodhallSpa1 – Country Girl Katie lovely local with her finger on the pulse of what is happening in Woodhall Spa
  • @GaryBosworth – Horse behaviour expert
  • @SamCollins100 – lovely lady who makes fantastic vintage button necklaces
  • @thelocalprinter – Woodhall Printer Michael can help you with your business stationary and much more
  • @pmountainmbe – Pauline a lady who is passionate about helping Lincolnshire carers
  • @GinzandTonic – Gini a poet blogging on WordPress for a year or more?
  • @CVleaflets – Leaflet distributer based in Lincoln covering the whole of the East Midlands
  • @Sunshinecoach – Wendy Tomlinson who can help you live the life you want

There are lots of other lovely people that attend and you don’t have to be on Twitter to come along and network.  So why not join in the conversation at #LincsConnect on Twitter and pop along to The Petwood Hotel, Woodhall Spa on Friday 11th July 5.30pm, for a drink and a chat.  Lincs Connect putting the Social into Social Media.

How to be Famous on Twitter by Deborah Lee at WiRE Lincoln

I have recently started doing more in person networking and on Monday went to my second WiRE Lincoln networking meeting at the Epic Centre at the Lincolnshire Showground.  I made the effort to go even though I had lots on that day, as Deborah Lee  was talking about Twitter, 3 steps to Social Media Fame.

Deborah Lee

Deborah Lee

I have been following @debsylee about as long as I have been on Twitter with my first account @GreenAspiration mainly due to the fact she was based in Lincolnshire and looked to be using Twitter regularly.  She kindly followed me back, which when you are starting out on Twitter means a lot.  At present Deborah has 140,000 Followers and earlier this year was included in the Forbes Top 20 Women Social Media Influencer List 2013 followed by the Forbes Top 50 Social Media Influencers 2013 (men and women).  Deborah started out on Twitter in May 2009 and attributes her success on Twitter to being consistent, authentic, helpful, generous and positive, and focusing on quality engagement. In Deborah’s opinion numbers do matter and believes she would not have been in the Forbes list if she had only 4,000 followers, however you also need quality engagement and to communicate with other Twitter users.  I also believe you have to share quality content, which Deborah does in her Tweets and on her blog.  Some more of Deborah’s tips include:

  • Know why you are on Twitter and in Deborah’s opinion that should be to achieve fame in your field of expertise, so show that you are knowledgeable and good at what you do.
  • Allocate time to Twitter every day and be consistent with when you are on Twitter, same time everyday.
  • Do not expect overnight success
  • Focus on the connections that you make
  • Profiles are everything so put effort into writing yours and have a professional photo taken
  • Never get drawn into online arguments
  • Aim high – don’t limit yourself
  • Be sassy
  • Follow back, unless the account looks like a spammer, you never know who is going to want to work with you or who will retweet you.

Find out more information about Deborah Lee on her blog and website.

debsylee.com – blog  deborahleeofficial.com – online training

There were other fantastic business women at the networking meeting including:

  • Sarah Ray, who is Listers new Fleet Manager
  • Naomi Jane Johnson, who runs Purrfectly Social and is a Wikaniko consultant
  • Mel Downing who is a homeopath and helps dogs with behavioural problems
  • Julie Bailey from Andrew & Co Solicitors, who is head of the Family Team
  • Lorraine Bellis of Bellis Perennis, who trains people how to grow their own veg
  • Sandra Bird of An Shen Acupuncture helping people to feel better
  • Rebecca Smith from Working Links who helps people get into work.
  • Zoe of Epix Media Ltd for business videos especially timelapse
  • Emma McDaid- Smith of My Live Well World who offers flexible working opportunities based around selling Aloe vera and bee hive products
  • Rachel Linstead of Firecracker, a business improvement specialist and nutritional therapist.
  • And me Jackie Elton of Social Media Lincs and Green Aspirations selling environmental and ethical gifts.

I love networking, especially as you can get to know people and their businesses.  Do you prefer to network in person or online?

If you like to network in person and live in Lincolnshire why not come to the next WiRE Lincoln meeting on Monday 19th August 10am – 12pm at the Epic Centre on the Lincolnshire Showground nr Lincoln.



An Introduction to Using Social Media to Promote your Business

Social Media is a fantastic affordable way to promote your business and interact with your customers, on the Thursday 23rd August from 9.30am till 4.00pm I will be hosting a social media workshop at the Red Lion Quarter, Spalding.

The workshop will explain the basics of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google + and Pinterest.  It will help you to decide which Social Media site is best for you and your business.  Here are some of the topics that will be covered:

  • Facebook – the difference between profiles, pages and groups
  • Twitter – how to build followers, who love what you do and will Retweet your Tweets
  • LinkedIn – How to make your profile stand out
  • Pinterest – How to use Pinterest to drive traffic to your site
  • Google + – The one for the boys.
  • QR codes – How to generate them and how to use them.

Antonia Bates is a jewellery designer and mum who started out on Twitter February 2012

4 months later with some advice from me and a lot of work on Antonia’s part putting into place my recommendations.

Follow Antonia @abb73 on Twitter or have a look at some of her designs AB Designs on Etsy

To help Antonia on her way I retweet some of her inital tweets to my followers (over 1000) and introduced her to some of my contacts on Social Media that I thought would be useful to her.  A big part of her success on Social Media is that she interacts with people and also recommends people that she thinks might be of interest to her followers.

Here are a few of the things that I do to help my clients:

  • I follow them on all the Social Media sites that they are on
  • I retweet some of their tweets (I have over a 1000 followers on Twitter)
  • I mention them in #ff on Twitter
  • I share their post on Facebook
  • I pin images of their products on to my Pinterest boards
  • if I know people that would be useful to my clients I introduce them

So if you would like to see how I use Social Media to promote my business and the businesses of my clients then book on to this workshop.  It is the only time I will do a workshop like this at this price.

As an added bonus, all attendees will get £5 off any of my future workshops.

The workshop is limited to 20 places and as an introductory offer for those people that have never worked with me before it is amazing value at only £20 (not including lunch). To book a place please contact me via the Contact page.  I look forward to meeting you in the future and doing work with you.

If you would like to find out a little more about my Social Media experience then have a look at the About Me Section.


Amazing Women at Business Mums Unite Conference

Back in October I attended the Business Mums Unite Conference in Nottingham, where I met some wonderful Business Mums and listened to some amazing women speak about their businesses. Charlotte Pearson of Mummy Fever, organised and managed a fantastic conference with brilliant speakers, exhibitors and workshops.

Elaine Hanzak-Gott was the keynote speaker, she is an amazing and inspirational women. Her talk was entitled Big Dreams, Small Worries and was about her experience of the severest form of postnatal depression, puerperal psychosis, and her work to educate people about postnatal depression.

Rebecca Jones – Business in Red Shoes gave a brilliant talk on being successful and doing less but doing it well. I thought Rebecca was very funny and could definitely relate to her manic mum moments. Here are her 5 tips for success:

  1. Accept you are not superwoman, even if you are an amazing woman
  2. Value yourself and your time
  3. Decide what is important for you on your journey through life
  4. Accept help from others and develop a support network around you
  5. Believe in and set your own success targets
And of course who can forget the gorgeous red shoes.

As well as the speakers I met some wonderful business mums, there was the lovely and talented blogger Kizzy Bass, who I knew from the online course Become a Mumpreneur. On the way in I met Georgi Rollings from Starfish Accounting, who is lovely and very knowledgeable re accounting issues mumpreneurs might encounter. Then there was the gorgeous Faye Burrell who runs Puddle Ducks Wakefield, baby and child swimming lessons. And finally there is the fantastic blogger Magz Parmenter, who saved the day for me when the silly carpark meter had run out of change and I hadn’t got enough money for parking.
Here are a couple pictures of the exhibitors stands.

Gorgeous red dress at Sleeves Boutique

Joanna Martin - Employment lawyer

I had a totally fantastic day and it was so nice that for once there was a Conference in the East Midlands, rather than them all being way down south. Oh and I nearly forgot to mention there were Goody Bags as well, with lots of information in about the businesses that were there. So I look forward to seeing you all at next years Business Mums Unite Conference. Well done Charlotte you organised a brilliant conference.

Business Mums Lincs First Networking Event

Calling all Mums in Business in Lincolnshire, would you like to attend Networking Events tailored specifically to mums. Networking events that fit in around school hours, well Business Mums Lincs is just what you have been looking for.

On Wednesday 23rd November, 10am till 12pm at the Healthy Hub, Lincoln, Business Mums Lincs is hosting it’s first Networking and Social Media training event. The Healthy Hub is a fantastic venue and has a lovely cafe, where people can continue networking over a yummy wholefood lunch or fairtrade coffee and cake if they like. I will be staying for some lunch, so would it be lovely to have a few mums to chat with.

Are you getting the most from Social Media?
We are constantly told that Social Media is a great way to market our business but what if you don’t know your facebook from your twitter? Or your hashtag from a share?
The secret to successful social media is quality interaction, interaction is a 2 way street, so how do you get people to interact with you?
Do you have a blog and want more people to read it?
Social media is a great way to promote blogs, websites and products, however you need to get the right mix of promotion and interaction.
Let me explain how to get the best out of social media in the most time efficient way.
So what will you learn at this event.
  • Do your clients use Twitter or Facebook? How to decide which platform to use.
  • The basics of Twitter and Facebook, shares, likes, tweets, retweets, hashtags
  • Why you should have a business Facebook page not a Group.
  • How to get more likes and interaction on a business Facebook page.
  • How to share content via Twitter and Facebook.
  • How to get retweets on Twitter
  • Why too much automation is not a good thing
  • Why you don’t need to play the numbers game
I love Social Media and blogging and have found so many useful business contacts and information through Facebook and Twitter. Since starting at the beginning of this year, my twitter account @GreenAspiration has 415 followers and my tweets regularly get retweeted. My Green Aspiration facebook page has 273 people that like the page and gets regular interaction from the people that like it. So I want to pass on my passion for Social Media to as many Mums in Business in Lincolnshire as possible.
So why not come and join me and 18 other lovely Mums in Business on the 23rd of Nov at the Healthy Hub. It is my first Business Mums Lincs event so the introductory price is a bargain at just £10. Online training courses for 2 hours social media training vary from £35-£50. I also guarantee to follow and like all the mums pages and share and retweet some of their content.
To book your place please use the Contact Page above and I will contact you with further details. I look forward to meeting you on the 23rd November.

Business Mums Unite Conference 19th October 2011

Will you be at the Business Mums Unite Conference on 19th October in Nottingham? I will.

Networking is vital for a successful business, it enables you to spread your message about your product and/or service, meet other business women and build relationships with them. Going to a networking event where there are interesting and inspirational speakers and exhibitors is an added bonus. The Business Mums Unite Conference also has the benefit of being only 1.5 hours away from me, opposed to in London or the South Coast, so I will get to meet lots of brilliant East Midlands Business Mums.

I am looking forward to hearing Elaine Hanzak speak about “Small things that can make a big difference”. There are also lots of interesting and informative workshops on Social Networking, Direct Sales, Successful Networking, Blogging, Accounting for your business and more.

There are lots of lovely inspirational ladies exhibiting at the conference including Ces Loftus from The Light Direction, I read her blog post about what motivates her at the weekend and she sounds like an amazing focused women. Other exhibitors include Wickfree UK, Captain Tortue, Jacques Designs, Rhythm of your choice, First Choice Nanny Agency, Jamie Oliver at Home, CB Nutrition and more exhibitors.

Oh, did I mention there are Goody bags. So will I see you at Business Mums Unite on the 19th Oct in Nottingham? I do hope so, I love getting to know people and hearing about their wonderful businesses, maybe you have the perfect product that I am looking for. See you on the 19th!