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Are you proud to be a Mumpreneur?

Do you like or hate the term mumpreneur? Do you call yourself a mumpreneur, a business mum, a work at home mum or a business woman? Or do prefer a self employed person?

For as long as I have been aware of the term mumpreneur, I have been aware that some people love the term and some people don’t. A while ago (back in October) I read an article by Rebecca Jones, a successful business woman (and also a mum), about “Is the term ‘mumpreneur’ doing business women a disservice?” Now it also happens that the same week before I read the article, I had the pleasure of hearing Rebecca speak at the Business Mums Unite Conference in Nottingham, and also to chat to her during the day. If I had not been to the Conference I would most probably thought that Rebecca was one of those women who delight in having a dig at other business mums. However she is not and I can see where she is coming from, but I still think mumpreneur is a useful term.

I was a business woman once before children, I was a recycling officer for a local Council and also a self employed massage therapist. Being a business woman meant I was able to attend breakfast meetings and overnight conferences, without a second thought. While I was at work I gave 110% of myself and sometimes when I wasn’t at work. But when I had my first children back in 2003 I knew I couldn’t give that 110% even on a part time basis, because I wanted to be there for my child and if my child was poorly and I left him with my mum I would spend the whole day at work worrying about him. So from 2003 to 2009 I had time as a stay at home mum, worked part time from home for a County Council and worked part time as a teaching assistant.

In April 2009 I started Green Aspirations on a part time basis, while still being a teaching assistant. After missing assemblies and sports days I realised that being a teaching assistant wasn’t the perfect solution to flexible working I needed as a single mum. Then in Christmas 09 my temporary contract as a teaching assistant was not renewed so I started to put more hours into Green Aspirations.

Then January 2011 I joined the BAM (Become a mumpreneur) course, I had my existing business Green Aspirations but I wanted to take it to the next level. Since January 2011 I have set up 2 blogs this one and my Green and Natural Living Blog I have started out on Twitter, met lots of wonderful Mumpreneurs, been inspired, set up Business Mums Lincs to help support and motivate mums in business in Lincolnshire and promoted Green Aspirations, which has definitely moved to the next level.

So am I a WAHM (work at home Mum), a business mum, a business woman or a mumpreneur or an eco-preneur? It doesn’t matter what terminology you use to describe me or yourself, because I am out there living my dream, being an inspiration to other mums, working hard for my family, but equally I am able to see every Christmas play and carol concert, sports day, assembly and end of term play.

  • Yes it is a very fine balancing act, that I sometimes don’t get balanced quite right
  • Yes I put in more hours than if I was employed by someone else.
  • No it is not easy and sometimes I wonder why I do it.
  • Yes it is hard work most of the time.
  • Yes I do miss the support of working with other people
But I love what I do and I am proud to call myself a Mumpreneur. Here is something to remind us how brilliant we all are, no matter what you call yourself and yes I do realise it isn’t Mothers Day. If you want to network with Mums in Business online check out the new Shenovate website.