5 things to tweet about!

When you are starting out on Twitter one of the most common questions that people ask is, “What should I tweet about?” To start with you wonder whether anyone will be interested in what you have to say. These ideas can be used for Twitter but can also be used for updating your status on Facebook and Google +.

Firstly ask yourself why you are using Twitter? The answer should be, to create relationships with business contacts or customers. Keep this in mind when you are tweeting. You also want to be interesting, informative or helpful so that people follow you.

Top 5 things to tweet about?

1)     Say a friendly hello

If you have followed someone and you want to start interacting with them, send them a friendly hello tweet.

2)      An interesting blog post

If you have a blog then you can promote your own posts. Or you can share blog posts or other links that you have found informative or useful.

3)      A link to a video

This could be a How to Tutorial, a music video, a video you have done or a funny video you have found on YouTube.

4)      Retweet a tweet

If someone has written a tweet you like or agree with Retweet it. Or if someone has mentioned you in a tweet saying how great you are, then Retweet it.

5)      Thank you for the follow

If you want to interact with someone, thank them for following you.

What do you tweet about?