Green Credentials

What are my Eco-Credentials?

Why do I call myself a Green Social Media Consultant?

I am a green social media consultant because most parts of my life are green or eco and this is true of my work life and office.  So if you are a green or eco business you can work with me knowing:

  1. I know what I am talking about when it comes to getting results on Social Media
  2. I have extensive knowledge about environmental matters
  3. My green ethos runs through my business like it runs through yours
  4. I am likely to be your ideal client, so can help you create content suited for your ideal client

Here are my eco-credentials:

  • All electricity used in my office is either generated on site via my Solar PV array or comes from Good Energy, one of the greenest energy provides in the UK
  • All hot water is either heated by the Solar Thermal panels in the summer or via the wood burning stove in the winter
  • All heating is provided by the wood burning stove
  • All lighting is low energy or natural sunlight
  • Where possible I deal with small local companies to provide my own business services
  • When I use paper products they are made from recycled or reused paper, this includes copier paper, note pads & envelopes
  • When I print out a document in rough I reuse paper that has already been printed on one side
  • All used paper products are either recycled or burnt on the wood burner
  • Although I use my car most of the time, as public transport in rural Lincolnshire is expensive, I don’t make unnecessary journeys.
  • When I travel to London I drive part way and then catch a train
  • Tea and coffee is fairtrade and organic
  • Milk is organic
  • Reusable cups are always used
  • Cleaning products are always eco-friendly and never tested on animals
  • I have worked in the recycling and waste minimisation industry, habitat and species conservation, green retail and green education.

If you would like more information about my green credentials then take a look at my blog Green and Natural Living and my Twitter account @GreenAspiration