Benefits of Networking at Local Events

Do you concentrate most of your networking online?  Too busy to go to local networking events?  Find the time and make the effort to go to a local networking events near you.  Recently I have found some great networking groups in Lincolnshire, I like getting out and meeting people as being a sole trader sat behind a computer all day, face to face social interaction is limited.

Benefits of attending your local networking group:

  • You meet people face to face and can get a feel for whether you can work with that person
  • People will get to know, like and trust you quicker meeting you in person, than when you are on line
  • You can find local business people that may be useful to you and your business
  • It gets you out of the office chatting with people that are in a similar situation to you
  • You might even get some direct business from it
  • People you meet might recommend you to their friends or business contacts
  • Listening to interesting speakers on their specialty
  • Contacts you make and relationships you build may be useful in the future

Since starting networking in Lincolnshire I have gained new clients, found people who are able to print my leaflets and found a T’ai Chi expert.

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What are your experiences of networking in person? Leave me a comment below.