Is your poor Money Mindset influencing your business?

Self belief equals success

Do you want your business to be more successful?

Have you taken lots of courses to help take your business to the next level? That haven’t worked.

Are you working harder and harder? But not getting the results you want.

Do you ever wonder whether it is you and maybe you shouldn’t be self-employed?

Well I may just have something that will help or rather someone.

Firstly the main thing stopping you and your business from being more successful, is you!  It is all about what you believe you deserve?  To be more successful and get the results you want, you need to change what you believe.

Start being conscious of the things you say to yourself, especially when things don’t go as you want them too.

Do any of these beliefs sound familiar?

  • I have to work hard to earn money
  • I don’t deserve to earn lots of money because I am not clever enough (insert whatever not good enough phrase is your favourite)
  • My product isn’t good enough, no-one will want to buy it
  • I don’t have a big email list so no one will buy my new offering
  • Who do I think I am running my own business, I should get a proper job like everyone else
  • I don’t deserve to earn money doing what I love, no one else I know does
  • You may have other limiting beliefs that are stopping you from being successful

Changing core beliefs is as easy or hard as you believe it to be, however having a map to follow by someone who has changed their own beliefs about money and what they deserve, who has helped lots of women to change their beliefs, could be just what you need.  Therefore I would like to introduce you to the awesome Denise Duffield Thomas author of Get Rich, Lucky Bitch and creator of the Lucky Bitch Bootcamp.

I joined the Lucky Bitch Bootcamp in July 2014.  I dipped in and out for a while and didn’t take any action.  Hint: You need to take action to get results!  Denise is good but she can’t do the work for you, you have to take action to change.  I still have a long way to go at getting rid of my limiting beliefs, but her is what I have got from the Lucky Bitch Bootcamp so far:

  • Inspiration and support from Denise and the other Lucky Bitches in the Bootcamp Private Facebook group
  • A cheque for £300 from an unexpected source that I wouldn’t have gone for before doing the Bootcamp
  • I have increased my prices and am working with more clients
  • Successfully launched my first e-course 30 Days to Twitter Success
  • Working on my limiting beliefs about money, I think this will be on going for a good while yet
  • I am more confident
  • I am more aware of the need to put time and effort into to keeping my energy positive
  • I am more self aware of negative self talk and nip it in the bud before it escalates
  • I am getting better at doing my accounts quarterly, rather than all at the end of the year

Recently Denise has re-opened the re-vamped Lucky Bitch Bootcamp, so if you need help with your money mindset then join the Lucky Bitch Bootcamp today!

TAKE ACTION NOW – Join the Lucky Bitch Bootcamp now! 

The new re-vamped Lucky Bitch Bootcamp costs $1497 or if you are working in pounds around £1050 depending on the exchange rate.  With it being just after Christmas you might not have that amount of spare money, however you can join the Lucky Bitch Bootcamp today and pay $175 or £123 in 10 monthly installments, which means you can start working on your money blocks and generating the extra income.  Take Action now as the opportunity to pay in 10 monthly installments is only available until the 28th January 2016.

Also if you join the Lucky Bitch Bootcamp using my affiliate link above, let me know, as I would like to thank you with a complementary 30 minute Social Media Strategy session.

If you don’t feel ready to jump straight into the bootcamp then Denise has some great free resources to get you started.

Free Money Blocks Audio – find out the 7 money blocks that are keeping you from earning what you are worth.  This was one of the first of Denise’s freebies that I listened to and it as some great information in it.

Not sure how to work out what to charge then check out Denise’s free pricing workshop

Here is a video with Denise talking about How to Create a Million Dollar Course

The link above to the Bootcamp sign up page is my affiliate link, so if you sign up I will receive a thank you payment.