Pinterest – Pinning a picture from Facebook & linking it back to Facebook

I love Facebook, there is so much fantastic content that is shared there and anyone that follows me will know I love my positive quotes.  I also love Pinterest, one of the many reasons I love Pinterest is that it is a great place to save and organise all the amazing pictures and quotes that I find.  However as some of you may realise you can’t pin directly from Facebook using the Pin It button, but you can add a pin manually and link it back to the place where you found it on Facebook.  It is a little tricky but I am a fan of linking back to the source of quality content and giving credit where credit is due.  So if I can direct people back to some of the brilliant positive pages on Facebook then that is what I do.

Here is a picture and quote that I want to Pin to one of my Pinterest boards.

A quote from Facebook I want to pin

Left click on the image you want to pin so that it opens. Then right click on the picture. So that the box with the options View Image, Copy Image and Copy image location are showing. Click Copy image location.  Next go to Pinterest and click add Pin and click paste to add the location link.

Then click Find Images.  Then make sure it is going to be added to the board you want and add some information, as you can see I also tell people where I have pinned it from.

Click pin it and it will appear on your board, however at this point it won’t be linked to where you found it on Facebook.  To do that you need to click Edit.

This is where it gets tricky.  Go back to Facebook where you have the picture open and copy the website url, which should end in theater.

Now go back to Pinterest where you have edit pin and deleted the link location that should end in jpeg and then paste in the url link from Facebook that you have just copied, then Save Pin.

Now if anyone opens and clicks on the picture it should take them to Facebook Wall Photos for that Facebook Page. So then hopefully people will look at and like the page.

Did you find this useful? Or do you know of an easier way to do this? Please leave a comment below.