Social Media Audit

Are you missing out on clients without knowing it?

The Social Media Audit is for heart centred business owners who feel …

  • Frustrated that the time you spend on social media isn’t resulting in paid clients 
  • Confused by the Facebook algorithm and how to make it work for you
  • Disappointed by the lack of engagement on your posts or Lives but unclear how to get those comments and likes that let you know your words are landing! 

If you know something is missing in your social media strategy and you are ready to find out how to really get it working for you, then a Social Media Audit could be just the thing you need. This clarity creating package includes:

  • Me going through your website and social media accounts as if I were your ideal client to make sure your brand is consistent, your message is clear, and your links and buttons all go where they are meant to (broken links are no friend of yours!)
  • A comprehensive report to outline where your social media is clear, consistent and working, and more importantly where it isn’t
  • A 60 min 1 to 1 call to go through what I found and to create a specific, actionable plan that you can implement to make sure your online presence is optimised and allows your prospective ideal clients to flow to you easily

A social media audit is perfect for you if:

  • You are a heart centred business owner who wants to build real connection with people rather than friend requesting people you don’t know and sending unsolicited direct messages
  • You are ready to show up consistently on social media to share your message
  • You are fed up of bashing your head against the social media brick wall and want to start doing things differently

A social media audit is £147 and includes: 

  • a report for you to refer back to 
  • a 1 hour 1 to 1 session via Zoom, which will be recorded
  • an action plan for you to implement


In case we haven’t met 

I am Jackie Elton and am a social media strategist, consultant and trainer. I work with heart centred business owners who are struggling with social media, I help them to increase their visibility, to enable them to connect with their ideal clients and use their favourite platforms to grow their business and have a greater impact. I research all the techy stuff so you don’t have to.