5 day Facebook Visibility Challenge

How to get more people to see your Facebook page posts and have fun doing it.

Do you feel frustrated and overwhelmed with your Facebook page?

It is time to put the fun back into Facebook and add some sparkle to your Facebook page.

Free 5 Day Facebook Visibility Challenge

During the 5 days Facebook Visibility Challenge you will learn how to get your Facebook Page posts seen by more people for free.

  • Learn how the Facebook Algorithm really works and use it to get more people to see your posts for free.
  • Easily get more than 5% of the people who have liked your page to see your posts.
  • Find out why engagement and interaction are so important for your page.
  • Understand Facebook insights so you can see what works on your page and what doesn’t.  

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Here is what one lovely lady had to say about my previous challenge.

“I’ve been using what I learned from your challenge this week and I have doubled my likes in a day! And I’m using Canva to make a picture for every post (never again a text only post) Thank you thank you thank you!”

In 5 days I will explain how Facebook works and how to get more people to see your posts:

  • Day 1 – How Facebook works
  • Day 2 – How Facebook ranks different types of content
  • Day 3 – Facebook Insights
  • Day 4 – What content to share
  • Day 5 – Frequency & consistency

Another person said this about the 5 day challenge:

“I have learned a lot from your 5 day challenge Jackie. Once I learned to study the ‘insights’ better. Now I see the best time to post is Tue to the end of Thurs. My best posts are my most deep and meaningful personal posts with my own photos. It has meant that I can now post less, but pick the best viewing time with my better quality posts. So, thank you Jackie. You have taken the hard work out of posting on my business page.”

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