Social Media Spring Clean

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Social Media can be confusing. Sites change and have updates that mean buttons move and what was once easy to do now isn’t any longer.

One social media expert says organic reach is dead so you need to pay for Facebook Ads, another says Facebook is dead and you need to be on Instagram or Tik Tok.

But the thing is they don’t know you or your business.

When I work with my clients, I offer advice based on their business and ideal clients. I realise that not everyone wants to be searching on Google or YouTube to find out how to do things. Hell, sometimes my clients don’t even know the questions they should be asking.

That’s not to say my clients are not intelligent or tech-savvy, they just don’t have time to spend searching on Google for the solution. They want to spend their precious time working with their ideal clients or learning new ways to help their clients.

That is where I come in, I have spent years learning about different social media sites, researching what works on Social Media, asking geeky questions like does this social media hack work for everyone?

I also understand that for heart centred women to truly get social media working for them they may have to work on their visibility issues and limiting beliefs.

So why not book a Social Media Site Spring Clean with me.

These will be 3 x 1 hour one to one sessions. One on day 1, one on day 7, and the last one on day 14.

Day 1 We will check how well you know your ideal client? We will choose one social media site based on what you tell me about your ideal client.

I will do a Social Media check up on this site and feed back my findings.

There will be an action plan for each week.

Day 7 Content Strategy

  • What to share and how to create content.
  • How to create content quickly and easily using Canva
  • How to repurpose existing content

Day 14 Social Media Strategy

  • What you want to achieve in the next 3 months with social media
  • How frequently you are going to post
  • Making sure you make it easy for your prospective clients to do what you want them to
  • Staying on track

All this for £197.

If you are interested to know about my other services check out my social media services page.