Here are some lovely testimonials from some of my wonderful social media clients.

Alison McGrath Campsie Coaching

“Working with Jackie is such fun as well as being so instructive.  I have come a long way from my initial fear of using social media and being seen, lacking a consistent strategy and any clear idea of how to overcome my erratic and nervous posting.

Jackie’s patience, enthusiasm and knowledge have helped me to see ways in which I can enjoy using social media effectively. Her genuine interest in my work has sparked so many ideas for posts, blogs, videos, etc. Her patient and clear instructions in using systems and tools that I knew nothing about before has given me the confidence and ability to get the content that I love creating to the people who can benefit from it most.  Thanks Jackie!

Alison has been working with me via my 3 month Social Media Visibility 1 to 1 Coaching package. September 2023

Alison coaches women with long term chronic illness like chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and ME helping them to put themselves first. She is a trauma informed Chrysalis Effect recovery practitioner after being on her own healing journey and recovering from fibromyalgia.  Find out more about Alison and the work she does over on her website Campsie Coaching

Gemma Houldey

“In one hour, Jackie was able to get to the heart of some of my confusion over which social media platforms to use. She helped me get clear on what I wanted to achieve with the social media pages I’m creating, and reassured me about how I can use social media in a way that works for me.”

PowerHour September 2023

Jude Warren Explore Your True Nature

“Before Jackie helped me, I was not understanding how social media sites like Facebook and Instagram worked together – with no clue about the importance of #s! After working with Jackie, I got a much clearer step by step understanding of what I needed to do and it made much more sense. Her recording of our session has been invaluable. I felt that Jackie deeply listened, understood my issues and what I wanted to achieve. She was great at pacing the information in a way that made it easy for me to take step by step action.”

Jude booked a PowerHour session with me to work on understanding how Instagram and Facebook worked so she could post more confidently and consistently. July 2023

Jude works with heart centred women who want to be more connected to nature and themselves, find out more on her Facebook page Explore Your True Nature

Emma Brealey Petwood Hotel

“Social Media Lincs’ advice and guidance is second to none. Jackie is hugely knowledgeable about the uses and benefits of all social media and expertly educates and informs the client of how to leverage these.
Whether offering a high-level overview to a beginner or extending existing expertise to more sophisticated uses, Jackie is adept at addressing both groups and individuals and quickly establishes reference points to tailor information into digestible bites. Excellent at packaging content to both personal and business users, Jackie is my go-to recommendation for anyone looking for help and support in the world of social media.
I asked Jackie to explain the benefits of Pinterest and whether it was a social media channel that should be explored for the Petwood Hotel. Jackie promptly identified themes which would work well and we began to view the strategic implementation as part of the hotel’s digital marketing mix. After the initial boards were set up, Jackie delivered some one-to-one tutoring on how to create and manage boards, pin items and share quality content with followers. Although still early on in our Pinterest exploration, I am confident in managing this channel thanks to Jackie’s easy-to-follow tutoring and I know that we have solid foundations on which to build.”

Review by Nikki Pepper District Leader for Link 4 Growth, Nikki’s Eco Products taken from my Facebook Page.


Review by Wendy Tomlinson – Wendy Tomlinson Coaching taken from my Facebook page.


Recommendation left on LinkedIn by Julia McGinn of Stone Moor Business Services

Julia Stone Moor LinkedIn

Heather Bestel’s testimonial from working with me on her Pinterest account

“I just loved my Pinterest Passion Coaching Session with Jackie!!! I’d heard everyone talking about Pinterest for ages but just hadn’t taken the first step. I wished I’d done it sooner now. Jackie was just the person I needed. During our session, she walked me through each step of the process until I felt confident to do it by myself. She was so patient and I learnt so much in such a short space of time. Now there’s no stopping me.” Heather Bestel

Please write a comment if you have attended one of my Social Media Training Workshops or I have worked with you on your Social Media Campaign.  Thank you.

10 Comments on “Testimonials

  1. I’d like to say a huge thank you, you’ve been absolutely brilliant in helping me realise the potential of social media when it comes to furthering my career. I’ll admit I was a little sceptical in the beginning, and didn’t really see how it could help my situation but you helped me see angles I hadn’t previously considered.
    It’s early days yet but bear with me and I’m sure we’ll start seeing results! Next job blog, and I shall definitely be coming back to you for guidance there, because I haven’t a clue where to start!

    • Thank you Adele. You have taken to twitter like a duck to water. Sorry I couldn’t think of a horsey saying for that. Really looking forward to working with you on your equine blog. Hope you have a brilliant week.

  2. Being a bit of a twitter novice, I decided to do a Social Media workshop with Jackie in November 2011. Jackie was very clear with her advice and expertise and also very patient! The information has made a difference to how I interact with others on twitter and facebook. I would definitely recommend Jackie’s services to anyone.
    To just touch slightly on another string to her bow, her other Business Green Aspirations… the Bamboo Socks are fabulous, so soft and warm!! Make a great gift for anyone!!

    • Thank you Lou. I love working with you and Harriet, you are both so positive and inspirational. I am really looking forward to working with you again when you do my advanced course. Have a wonderful week.

  3. Thank you so much for opening our eyes to the wonders of using Social Media to benefit mine and my partner’s businesses, Jackie. We found the session really clear and informative and not only did it give us inspiration for new ways in which to further our businesses, it also gave us fantastic insight into how to get the most out of each aspect of Social Media. You have such innovative ideas, and coupled with your expertise you are worth your weight in gold! We would highly recommend you to any future clients.

    • Thank you Lisa. I loved finding out about your businesses. You are both using my advice to Tweet like pros. Thank you for Jinty’s Treats he loved them.

  4. Put simply, Jackie opens Social Media doors and makes it so I ‘get it’. Her style is pragmatic and practical, patient and responsive. Jackie Elton makes it easy to follow her (pun intended) and leaves me thinking ‘ I can do that’.

    Jackie works hard to be helpful and make it work for You and her charges are reasonable too.

    A pleasure to work with and forever giving. Thanks Jackie.

  5. before the social media workshop i had some knowledge of face book and limited knowledge about twitter. I learnt a lot from my day with Jackie about all of the social media networks. I now feel more confident using twitter and have started to use my linked in account. I found Jackie to be very friendly and easy to talk to.
    i would like to thank you Jackie for making me feel welcome when i arrived. i am now tweeting more confidently and i have made many changes since the course

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