Twitter Basics Part 1 – Profile

Benefits to a complete Twitter Profile


Twitter is a great way to network and promote your business, however to do this efficiently and effectively you need to know certain Twitter hints and tips.  Lots of businesses start out on Twitter, some get Twitter and take to it like a duck to water.  Other businesses don’t get it and give up, because they don’t get any interaction and can’t see the point.  I want to help more businesses understand how Twitter works, so today I will explain why you need to complete your Twitter Profile.

Your Twitter Profile and your tweets are what people see and what helps them to decide whether to follow you or not.  Your profile consists of your profile picture, a header image and your bio.  If you don’t upload a profile picture, your avatar will be an egg, most people don’t follow users with an egg as their profile image.  Your profile picture should be the same across all your social media sites and should not change.  Some people use their logo and some people use a picture of themselves.  The other part to your profile is your Bio which is a maximum of 160 characters, don’t waste characters putting a website as you can add that separately.

Here is my bio from my Social Media Lincs account.

Social Media Lincs Twitter Profile

In my bio I mention what I do and how I can help you.  I use keywords that people might search for, as another reason to complete your profile is that Twitter uses the words in your bio in it’s search facility.

Here is a made up example of a bio that wouldn’t be great for helping your business to be found.

“We have been selling top quality, affordable homeware since 1990. Please follow us to find out about our new products & events.”

The above bio wouldn’t get me following you and it isn’t great for being found in search.  A better bio would include names of brands you sell or the products you sell.

In this video I show you how to edit your Twitter profile and why it is important to have a good bio on Twitter


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This post was updated on 13th May 2015.

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