What do your Tweets say about your business?


Do you ever take a look at your Twitter feed?

Often when you are running a business you are so busy tweeting, you forget to check what your Twitter feed looks like to your ideal clients.  You might come across someone else’s profile and think they do too much retweeting or promotional tweeting but when was the last time you went to the Me section on Twitter and checked what your series of Tweets look like.

Is it balanced?

Is there a mix of retweets, promotional tweets (about your business), engaging tweets (where you are offering help or replying to tweets) or is there more of one type of tweet than another?

Check that you aren’t making these mistakes:

Too many promotional tweets

People don’t like to be constantly sold to on Social Media, share other people’s content that will be of interest to your ideal clients.

Too many Retweets

You share lots of great information as retweets but your own tweets get lost or you forget to tweet about your business.  If someone retweets something of mine I like to repay the favour and retweet something of theirs, but sometimes this is difficult if an account Retweets lots.

Boring or irrelevant tweets

Are you tweeting boring tweets because you can’t think of anything to tweet?  Do you feel the need to tweet what you had for breakfast?  Are your tweets relevant to your ideal clients?  Or are you tweeting to much personal information?  Think about what value your tweet gives to a prospective customer.

Being unprofessional or too negative

Do you make comments about a terrible demanding client that has annoyed you?  Are your tweets too negative?  Do you moan about your personal life on Twitter?

These are some things that might affect how people perceive you and your business via your tweets, however you need to decide what is appropriate for you, as a business person, to share.  It might be that you have a following built around a grumpy persona who complains about different things.  Or that you are a mummy blogger who writes about post natal depression or a particular disease you suffer from.  However, it is generally a good idea not to share anything you wouldn’t be happy sharing if you were at a networking event.

I hope you found this useful, if so please share it or pin it.  If you would like some training on how to use Social Media more effectively or help on producing a Social Media Strategy then get in touch.



2 Comments on “What do your Tweets say about your business?

  1. Hi Jackie, great post. I like to think I have a good mix of post that give great value for my followers. How often would you recommend I share tweets, my business is in Lincolnshire but I work with people worldwide via my on-line courses?

  2. Test what works best for you. I would possible schedule some posts that fit in with the time zones that you get most business from, also if there is a country in the world that you want to work with start scheduling some in that time zone.